white and hot pink gran compes, white zaffiro/rubnio, etc

those cool green zen chains…

can be found here, in stock for a reasonable price

http://translate.google.com/translate?u ... l=ja&tl=en

they take paypal and speak english.

if someone has linked this before . … :bear:

Thanks so much! Just what I was looking for.

And when the fork trick, and bring about absolute peace of mind to use KUROMORI 4130!

Do you have an email address for them? My Japanese is not good enough to be able to read the contact page.

Toshi at BlueLug has them too and theyre a little cheaper…and he’s an actual rider.


He speaks good english and takes paypal.


Here’s the incredibly well translated version of Blue Lug

http://translate.google.com/translate?h ... %26tl%3Dja

Why do you need a translation?

Find what you want on the page, email him and tell him you want it.
All the brand and parts catagories are in English on the page.

His email is store@bluelug.com

I like to peruse.
How would I know
[i]Nobody in the chest, I’m supposed to be having their memories.
For example, tiger patterns.
The Tigers, Tiger Mask, Lamb-chan,Bhutto.
Which is the correct answer. But they each have the right answer to the mind.

I’m Lum-chan, so this is a must-Sadr has a green frame AWASETAI.
I suddenly realized, Bhutto, who is also green.
This BURURAGU al-Sadr, in a sense, your memories to the challenge.

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Your best bet is to peruse on sites where you can speak the language.

those purple and gold gran comp wheels are fucking pimp.

I like these.

Oh no, I’m playin and you’re gettin all serious. All right I’ll stick to czech sites, but they don’t have as many wonderful colors.

I wasnt getting serious.
I dont see no ring on this finger, girl.


also yeah the gran compe tires are slightly cheaper on bluelug, but the vittorias are $10 cheaper on this BIKESPORTS . . ing

starting a cheap SS build for a girl in williamsburg. gonna show em how we do things in TX

[quote=“deathhare”]I wasnt getting serious.
I dont see no ring on this finger, girl.[/quote]

That’s not where I was planning on slipping the ring. Owww!

id run these white and tan panaracers too in a heartbeat if i felt like shelling out a little more cash


it just looks so wholesome

I wonder what the max PSI is on those

I wonder what the max PSI is on those

I wish they would just sell them in the US and make it easy.

whats a yen?
it better be less than a buck.
cause i ain’t payin’ $43,920 for a set of velocitys!