white ourys, bad idea?

are they dirt magnets or should I not worry about it?


Ourys = bad idea.

white ourys=tarck

worst thread ever.


If you must have grips in white, I would get the Dimension Big Cheese grips with white stars. Light colored Ourys look gross very quickly.

I have green ones on my mountain bike.

Who buys ourys these days? I thought it was bare metal.

mountain bikes look better all dirty and used.



There ya go. Theyll be able to help.

can’t say i’m surprised by how many people that couldn’t wait to rip this thread.

suspected the general consensus was that they were tarcky, but thought i’d ask since i’m going to shell out $10 for grips either way and it couldn’t hurt to ask. now i know, thanks. white ourys, bad idea, I get it.

I run em. No shame. White Ourys are fine if you either:
A: aren’t a dirtbag.
B: dont have a problem sudsing up your grips once in a while to clean them (tis what I do and it keeps em feeling new)
C: pretend you ordered black but they shipped you the wrong color.
D: dont care that they get grimey.

Usually it starts out at B and ends up at D.

White shit on a bike is going to get dirty, fast. I have white tape on my bike and there’s no way I’d be able to keep it pristine without crazy excessive effort. Get your white grips if you want em, but they probably won’t stay bright white for long.

Don’t mind all the people being dicks, that’s par for the course around here. Err, what I meant to say is: harden the fuck up, you bitch.

i’m riding orange ouryes right now.
they’re a little dirty and smell funny.

you smell your grips?

You don’t!?

I think it should be understood that on this forum, you don’t ask stupid questions about style. We’re all tarck. Our bike style choices vary almost as much as our beard style choices.

We don’t ask about style, we just do it. Did the NYC messengers ask other people when they invented fixed gear bikes in the mid-70’s? Did trustfarians ask when they invented dreadlocks in the 90’s? I’ll tell you for sure that the first hipster that put a recalled spinergy on the front of their conversion didn’t ask (because we would have told them no).

So I’m officially codifying the already enforced rule of tarck coolness. If you have to ask, the answer is no. If you don’t ask, the answer will probably be no then as well, but we’ll give you less shit about it.

Remember, when you go to click the “New Topic” button, think to yourself, “What would Pengy ask?”
(for the record, he asked ALL his friends about EVERY component he put on the frame and that was the result)

Tarck means never having to say you’re sorry