Who to ship large packages with?

I’m going to be shipping a frame soon but haven’t deciding who I should ship with. Any suggestions?

fed ex ground is cheapest.

Fed Ex for the big stuff, USPS for everything else.

also, people are going to have a bad experience with every/any carrier- pack it well, hope for the best.

Yea it seems like fedex has the best prices for the really big stuff. Bikes are usually about $40-50.

I use UPS I have had the least amount of issues with them. Fedex lost my headset and stem to my mtb bike.

FedEX Ground’s delivery people are all contractors, not employees, so they are kinda sketch.

That makes sense. I always wondered why they suck so much.

check greyhound. i’ve heard rumors of car folk shipping bumpers/hoods on the bus for ultra cheap. they just need to be dropped off/picked up at the bus station.

I carry my package with me in my lap everywhere I go.

Whatever you do don’t pack the frame like this guy packed the wheel I bought off of him, in a fucking old refrigerator box cut down to size, wrapped around the wheel and taped together with duct tape.

I was originally going to say, “I just carry mine in my pants” but then I didn’t.


I ship and receive stuff at my shop on almost a daily basis. UPS is aways right on. Fedex is hit or miss.

dhl is by far the cheapest i have found. shipped a complete road bike from boston to ny for 19 bucks

pay me to deliver it by bike. i work for cheap :slight_smile: