Who's holding some NOS tarckbear etched TB14 rims?

I know one of you fuckers has a pair of these hoarded. I just got a sweet ass vintage Serotta track bike that is basically new and I’m building a fancy set of clinchers for it. Sell me your tarckbear rims and I will lace them to some DA track hubs and never ride them. @Timarchylime I’m looking at you


Yeah. I got a set.
Don’t think they’re going anywhere though. I’ve got my dad’s '81 merckx and a 10s chorus group that they’re destined for. Eventually…

Okay I will give you $500 for the rims. Just kidding, I respect that and understand you wanting to keep them.

I think I have a set of silver ones but the technically belong to Les but he never came and got em from me.
I’m sure he wouldn’t mind if you sent him $500 and got them from my garage.

What’s Les’s username so we can tag him and see if I can buy them

Oh man, I have no idea.

Les isn’t on here. No way

I don’t know who the fuck Les is, so that’s good news. Rudy sell me them tarckbear tb14s now!!!


If les isn’t here to claim the rims they go to open market.


He was back briefly:

@Jeremiah_s_Johnson ?

Still around, just haven’t been on. I got this in an email notification, so I’ve got that going for me!

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@Jeremiah_s_Johnson please give @Rusty_Piton permission to sell me the tarckbear tb14s he has.

Hold up, tb14’s? From the OG build? I dunno mang

Ah shit! I meant he just has some regular boring tb14s with no tarckbear logo. Fuck it I give up on this endeavor.

Maybe tarckbear valve hole emblems should just be the next tarck llc product, then all rims can be tarck rims


That would be really hard since rims have different shapes

All rims are TB14 with different geometry.


I’m still livid that whatever fuckhead stole my yellow Merckx still has my Tarck Bear rims.


One of my lesser regrets in life is not getting in on the TB14 group buy. Still a regret though.

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