oh dear.

I was like, “What’s he gonna do? what’s he gonna … OH SHIT!!!”


couldn’t help but htink…

what in the fucking shit hell

oh fuck

Can’t wait to get home so I’m not behind a web blocker so I can see wtf this thread is about.


lol @ sean paul

gnar shredding at it’s best

Harry Main is ill. but so is the entire Nike 6.0 team.

Holy cocks, that is ridiculous.

Insert Joey Lawerence.

From someone who has ridden bmx for 15 years, this still makes no sense.

Well, you see, he’s just there and WHAM he does that thing and then he’s upside down and sideways and landing on the ramp. What’s not to get?

This > that

Also, having reached my BMX zenith at tailwhips and double barspins that shit boggles my mind