Woo Hoo!!! New Crap!!!

I just picked this groupo up on Ebay for my Bianchi for $141.69!!!
I’m pretty stoked!!!
It’s my first eBay purchace.

There’s a few blemishes and the seller says one of the brake hoods is torn, but I think it was still a good deal. I hope.
It’s going on this bike:

hawt, but get some fucking dual pivots.

Yeah, I’ll probably keep the brakes I’ve got.

You can get the 2006 Veloce brakes for like $20 some places. Really good dual pivots, better than Tektro.

is that a friction or indexed group?


give me friction baby! and I like it

what components are currently on the bianchi?

Really crappy ones that I had laying around.
Really crappy.
Single front chainring etc…

Those cranks are fucking noice!

Stoked on the cranks.
I feel like they’re worth they whole price!

[quote=“Rusty Piton”]Stoked on the cranks.
I feel like they’re worth they whole price![/quote]
they are worth it. great deal you got there Rusty.

single pivots are fine. Campy still uses the design for their rear brakes. I switch from dual to single all the time and notice only a small decrease in performance. Not enough to get huffy about.

But if he already has dual pivots, there’s no real reason to switch to single pivots. Dual pivots are just more powerful, more modulable and easier to set up and center. Not that single pivots don’t work or anything, but in this situation, it doesn’t make sense, IMO, to switch.

Single pivots kinda blow. The thinking behind Campy’s single-pivots is that you don’t need the kind of modulation in the rear that you do in the front, so why not save a few grams there? I mean, you won’t die or anything, but riding with dual pivots is so superior.

Got the stuff the other day.
It begins!