Wraith Paycheck - M/L 55ish cm

Checking if there’s any interest in this bike. I haven’t been riding it, maybe someone else will dig it? It’s at my mom’s house but I think it’s a medium large, geo chart here: Geometry Details: Wraith Paycheck 2018

Builder website is dead, but it’s a later version with flat mount rear brake, fork is still post mount. Qr front and rear.

Group set is ultegra/785, but the front caliper might be leaking since it has a squeal to it. I haven’t been riding it enough to bother with it…

Wheels are velocity ailerons to velocity rear hub (some formulary or bitex I’m sure, fits 11sp road hg), front hub is an sp, spokes are pilar bladed I think. Eyc light mounted to the handlebars, might need to find a new mounting point if you want to portage from the handlebars.

$1600? Might also consider parting out to rebuild as a kona dew copycat

edit: jk i’m keeping it for now


i know you said you’re keeping, but let me know if that changes again :see_no_evil:

Nice emoji, new guy




Go post your bike in the nü-guy thread and then ask for bikes