WTB 100mm squishy 29'er fork for COVID SLED

hey guys, I think i’m going to be spending a few months at my parents’ new property in Sequim, WA while all this blows over in NY.

looking for a hardtail or full squish MTB of sorts. steel would be nice, something in an XS or S sizeway. bonus points if it don’t look straight outta the box.

also open to building something up

love u


I got nothing unless you want a large giant trance.
Lmk if you want to come hang out in Seattle 6’ away from me.

I’m not sure where you’re going to ride it. All the BLM, USNF, DNR, and state parks are closed.

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dig up ur parents backyard lol

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ill figure something out :]

Dude do they have the breezer Doppler in XS? They’re on blowout rn

Are you interested in a sick musa 26" voodoo wanga from the 90s with a rigid fork?


I want something with a LIL bit of squish. I’ve got the rock lobster monsterX for anything else! my partner will probably want a bike, @Wesbarf how much you want for that voodoo? looks kinda big! ideally want some squish for her too tho.

I have cross biek that can do doppler stuff!

life um…finds a way

you should also get a Katu. whatever you get.


TBH, I’m still on the fence on selling it, and for price I was gonna go find the “What’s it worth?” thread to get consensus. I feel like something in the $450 area is about right on craigslist, and would do tarck pricing.

I love this bike, but it’s small for me. I don’t want to sell it because I want it to fit, but it just doesn’t. So I probably wouldn’t sell it to some rando, but would sell it to someone on Tarck if it was the right bike for them.

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totallly makes sense. i’ll keep it in mind? waht’s the official sizing?

Pretty sure it’s 16" but I’ll measure when I’m at home and remember.

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UPDATE - I think i’m gonna get this thing from pinkbike - https://www.pinkbike.com/buysell/2701591/

BUT - I’d love to put a 100mm for 29" fork on there. Does anyone have one lying around?

I have a 100mm suspension corrected rigid Salsa fork lying around. take 9mm qr, 100mm spaced hub. Was on an XL frame, so should have plenty of steerer, can measure if you are interested.

Now that I’m thinking about it I may also have a super basic spring suspension fork that hasn’t made it to the donation bin at the co-op. Some stock thing from my Dad’s Felt.

I’m into the honzo but this build is fuckin weird (what’s going on with that rear brake? Don’t know what sort of crackpipe build this is but might be able to low-ball?

I’d also double check the rocky mountain since a quick Google suggests the 2015 vertex wasn’t made in xs yet? And the size small is similar to the honzo for St length but pretty oof on front center

should have been more clear! i’m looking for a suspension fork with 100mm of travel

look into lengthening that “80mm” manitou

also that price is double what it’s worth even fully dithering in the bling