wtb 700c rim brake wheelset

for a pretty standard road bike that will fit 700x28s max. shimomo 11spd freehub pls.

i have a set of topolinos…

just googled. what in the dickity are those!

they are perfect for you, weirdo.


Have some askiuns or whatever

Which wtbs are they?

got ck classic (silver) to dt460s

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i have some old ritchey wheelset that is fully functional and already boxed to ship. i will ship them to you for the price of the shipping

this sounds sweet but i need an 11spd freehub and forgot to mention that.

i do not have that

If you have a dremel, you have an 11 speed freehub.

Dq: are 10sp compatible with 11sp?

well this was a real roller coaster but i ended up scoring some ultegra wheels local in portlandseattle where i live.

i thank you all for your time. someone answer sol’s dq.