WTB: Stuff for gravel touring guy - Bassi "Hog's Back"

YO! Selling my mtb to fund my new all-arounder, a Bassi Hog’s back - simliar ish to this Bassi Hog's Back Review: Gravel Maverick - BIKEPACKING.com

If I can’t sell the ibis, I’ll take some of the parts off, namely the rear wheel, throw a diff axel and QR adapter on it, and then build up something different for the front (dynamo likely?)

silver WI cranks in short boy size
apex 1x11s stuff, likely will want nice big gears for my tired legs
front 650b wheel (dynamo or other?)
front rack for the hog’s back
probably other stuff?

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How short? I’ve got a set of WI VBC cranks in 172.5mm length with 46/30 rings that I just pulled off a bike.

Possible second dibs if @radicole doesn’t want them and they’re square taper.

Yep. Square taper and I’ve got the matching WI bottom bracket.

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I think those might be too long! Ideally 170 for me. Thanks for lookin out

Sup cole, you should get in on the rotor crankset stuff. Aldhu/vegast etc


but do they have chrome look to match my unnecessarily picky build desires?



i think i have a cheap apex 1x11 group, i’ll be home in a week to check it out

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oops forgot to check tarck while I was out of town.

Okay I have a more concrete list of things I’m looking for:

-White Industries rear 11s disc hub (135)
-OR orange/silver CK hub of same specs.
-Dynamo hub of some sort (SON?) - ideally lacing these to silver or chrome 650b something.
-Paul short pull love levers in silver or blue
-nice 27.2 silver post of some sort
-brooks c17 saddle
-11s (sram or shimano) pusher + dangler for nice big cassette
-WI Cranks with 42 or 44t ring
-WI or CK headset, 1 1/8 orange or silver
-Paul chain keeper

or anything that is similar ish to the above

ty for ur halpss

Bro this is the most paceline list of shit you’re going to have trouble finding on the grey market ever

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Ok! I won’t ask for parts in the Marketplace thread!

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