WTB Sugino Mighty 900 crankset

Need 170mm. It’s for a good cause.
Just checking if anyone is holding.

Why didn’t you post this six months ago when I was actively trying to give one away :colbert:

(This is 100% your fault.)

Don’t give up on me…

i haven’t given up on you.

Bumping this thread. This part can’t be that hard to find, can it?
Will trade 175 crankarm lengthway set in good condition…

Can you post a picture of what you’re looking for

There are a few mighty 900s

I did not know that.
Here are the 175s I have on hand.

I have some 170 Sugino ATs…but you’re looking for that 94 bcd, right?

Yup–94/58 BCD MTB triple. While there are a lot of Sugino Mighty things out there, I have only seen this kind of MTB crank labelled “Mighty 900.”

I’ll spare you the dither details except to say I really want this particular crankset.