WTT: My SPD-SL Pedals for your SPDs

Attention parts bin keepers! Have a set of SPD pedals with nasty wrench flats fouling your bin? Now’s the chance to get rid of them!

I’m getting ready to move, so I’m liquidating some of my parts. I haven’t used my road pedals with any regularity for the last few years, after getting the groad bike. I’m looking for another set that I can run on the MTB during the winter and be able to use my fancy boots.

They’re both 105 pedals with some wear. The grey pedals were on my track bike and barely have any cleat dings. The black pedals were on my road bike and have a bit of chipped paint from riding on the backs. I’m not particularly picky about what pedals I get in trade. I’m using the PD-M530s right now, so anything is acceptable.