XL Hunter/Gatherer v1 frameset project

This might be a good match for the right person - it’s a v1 Endpoint Hunter/Gatherer that needs some attention. The translucent purple clear coat, while looking awesome, never did a great job of sticking to the steel, so there’s a number of spots where it’s flaked off, and the there’s rust to deal with (appears to be on the surface, but I haven’t x-rayed it or anything).

It’s a size XL (~58cm top tube), with the 12mm TA fork, includes headset, seat clamp, a stem to hold the headset in place, and a used but smooth hollowtech bb.

$FREE if you can come pick it up in/around the Twin Cities metro in MN. If you pay for shipping I can yeet it your way, but I’ll need to rustle up a frame box and pack it which will take a bit of time.


Yes, please.

need an apex 11 group to go on it?

Shipping dibs claimed by @Dickason_Daniel


Interesting that your paint fell off. Mine has been totally solid and I’ve put it through some really nasty conditions over the years.


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It has been transferred to another Tarcker