Xtracycle Free Radical Kit: free to good home.

I have a first generation Xtracycle free radical kit that I’m finally retiring. It’s old and rusty and beat to shit. Comes with the bags and deck which have been patched with pilfered usps bags and painted black respectively. Anybody here can have it all for the cost of shipping. I’ll try to get around to posting pics tomorrow.


i super want this but it would have to live outside under a tarp and that would bum me out. respectfully passing after some brief but deep soul searching. if we’re going down that road, it might as well be a proper e assist cargo bike


bonus points to sup for jokingly suggesting that we put it on my clydesdale bike. little did she know…

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Its actually a pretty good ride with the Clydesdale front end

I wouldn’t cal it a good ride with the Clyde fork. It kinda rides like a rowboat stuck in quicksand.

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okay, revision: good relative to what you’d think by looking at it!

Biz partner might want this for small dog transport

Edit: wants

He can have it as long as you promise to post a picture of it carrying a small dog.


Second dibs if Gucci Biz partner does not want.

Well I haven’t heard from that guy yet so I guess you can have it. Do you have a small dog you can post a picture of?

We are in process of adopting one, so eventually,definitely.

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He forgot to hit you up

Well he snoozed and dibs hav officially passed to @ShinyTravisto

Calling third dibs.

This thing has been claimed by Travis.

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