yo sol

hey sol, stop trolling for women you’ll never meet in real life for a second and bid on the paramount.

still a pretty decent price for it, sol–get it!

really? i thought you guys were kidding

NO!!! paramounts are the hotness and that’s a good price for one.

ehhh… but i already have 2 steel roadies :/if i got another bike, id be alum i think. or at least newer

sell those roadies to finance this, or maybe keep one for the gears, but this bike is the sort of thing that a lot of people would pay more for–but because of its size will probably be bid on by fewer people and hopefully stay lower. it’s totally worth it for you to do it. you have parts to put on it, so it’s only the cost of the frame and you could offset that with the sale of one bike, and have one frame that’s really good. the mid-70s paramounts are very highly regarded as track bikes go. paramounts were the best schwinn made, some used for olympic races (i doubt this one, but who knows). google it, you’ll find a lot of very good opinions on this bike, a def classic.

edit: just said something about track bikes. nevermind that, i saw this is more a touring frame. regardless, paramount is still top of the line schwinn and this one from an era when they were still a maker of some really serious, nice bikes–such as this.

paramounts are made in the US sol.

Matt, if you buy that bike, I’ll help you build it up properly which includes getting it powdercoated and whatnot.

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:bear: This is what we have all been waiting for.

im debating on selling my univega frame for something else as well. matt i think you should go with it and sell those other bikes. use the parts and build yourself a nice one.

I saw this massive ass Araya 10 or 12 speed today, at least a 66 or 68cm.

I’d never seen an Araya road bike, or a bike that big in person.

i saw a big ass bike the other day too. guy was way too small for it. bike must have been a 66 and the guy was like 5’10 :confused: seat was all the way down.

just buy my 63cm fremont. Its newer, its aluminum, and its biggish

hahahah <3 patch

for your tall ass, you’re probably not going to find something as decent short of getting a custom frame/spending a ton of cash.

god dammit

god dammit[/quote]
coz who needs one bike that fits when you can have three that don’t amirite

Holy fuck headtube.
Bill Walton owns.
also sol, buy bike, fit > anythingelseexceptmaybesexwithsupermodels