yo sol

The power of G man compels you!

Sol, there’s really no question that you should buy that Paramount, especially if it stays around where it’s at right now. And it likely will, since only like .05% of the population could actually ride it.

Also Sol, you will never find another bike of the same quality without going full custom. There is no question that a Schwinn Paramount of that era is one of the finest bikes ever made by anyone at any time. It’s the bike that inspired the greatest masters of frame building to go into the field in the first place.

Do we need to take up a collection? I know times are tight and I fucked up and waited on and lost the landshark but I can trow in a $10er

In for $10. Anyone else?

In for $10. Anyone else?[/quote]

Thats $20. Do we need a new thread?

if sol sold one of his bd tarckbikes he’d have the money he’d need for this frame.

okay matt heres the thing

bonechilling thinks this is a really good idea.
heath is going to help you get it together

Now, there is absolutely no reason not to get it

no reason not to get it?

how about he can’t fucking afford it?

i don’t mean that as an insult

but it’s not like there will never, ever be another tall frame on craigslist or ebay

will bid

I got like $5

:bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear:
:bear: This is what we have all been waiting for.[/quote]

tarck bear will be pleased if this happens

itt: heath adopt meeeeeeee


p.s. you should ride it ASAP, even if it means putting on exage parts or whatever is the group on your “vintage roadie” now. fuck waiting around for something “proper”, although by all means you should work towards that direction

what would this be? 10 speed dt friction shifters?

4 minutes to go … at $144


jumped 60bux in the last minute.

sol, did you get it?

wtffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff i thought there was two days lefffffffffftttttttt

well then! we will keep on looking.

p.s. by 10spd do you mean 10spd as every modern cyclist thinks of it, or 10spd as in shitty 2x5?