You evar Tarck on tha bike pathz?

Leisurely roll on the MUP anyone? :colbert:

I’m actually not a fan of bike and pedestrian-specific pathways, but it so happens that it’s the shortest and most direct route for my fourteen-mile commute to work, so I take the trail for nearly seven miles everyday.

The worst is working weekends, when I have to share it with all the rolling meat pylons who don’t pay attention to what they’re doing. On Sunday, I nearly ran into a fat girl on a hybrid, swerving back and forth across the trail with her headphones on, because she couldn’t hear me shout “On your left!”

“rolling meat pylons”?


That’s awesome.

I don’t understand why everyone who takes their bikes out on the weekends thinks the painted lines are slalom poles.

I think it was gerund who mentioned strapping an airhorn onto her bike. This sounds more and more appealing to me each day I ride on our local pathz. The path cuts through a baseball field and people actually stand on the path to watch youth games and act all butthurt when you tell them to get out of the way. The thing is that people will NEVER CONSIDER THIS standing in the middle of a road, because it’s for pedestrians as well and pedestrians can mosey wherever the fuck they want.

the majority of my commute is on a MUP.

I’m not about to do sprints or intervals on a bike path especially when it is crowded but the instant I am in lycra people look at me with distain like I am going to ride over their children or something. Any one else get this?

put the cutoffz over ur lycra, problam solved.

There are two main reasons that I won’t go near the main bike path in town:

  1. Tard-asses on rollerblades who love to take up the whole fucking path and are deaf to my admonitions because they’re listening to 3 Doors Down or some other bullshit on their personal media devices.

  2. Discourteous fuckers who love to walk their dogs along the path in such a way as to create a deadly “finish line” across it with their leashes.

I like well trained dogs.


Damned dogs…

I commute on one as well, and also dislike it. the particular path I ride on is long, monotonous, and has a deadly headwind when coming home. because of these two things, I cannot understand why so many pedestrians linger on the path, but they do. just last week, this motherfucker was actually standing IN the path, flying a freaking kite on the same headwind that was slowing me to a crawl. as I rode by, I stared at him with hatred and loathing.

I have a choice between a torn up, busy 6 lane road and a MUP for part of my commute. I take the MUP.

When their are clouds in the sky and I am the only one on the path I see lots of deer and other cool critters.

hella skunks and foxes and rabbits in my neck of the MUP.

Perfect description of my commute through campus every day in college…

I love our MUP here. I haul hella balls on that shit.

I love the Tama river cycling road near my house. Path runs along a river and it is really chill. Pedestrians aren’t really that bad and lots of roadies training or on their way up to the mountains. I guess it is different from the US.

whee my MUP is very sparsely populated.

i saw a dead squirrel on it the other day, though. poor thing got run over by a fat man and it’s guts were coming out of its mouth. epic sadness.

and yes, i tarck the fuck out of it.

hahahahahahahahaah guilty. every so often . . .