17 Tarck centuries a week can be better than minimum wage.

:v:t3:anyone delivering food in the city?

Have been traveling North America and delivering in various urban areas.

This winter I’ve worked in Santa Barbara, Phoenix Valley and Tucson. Getting ready to take a break in the desert between Austin.

I’m on a worn out specialized roll with a Tourney Group. I added a wtb i9 with QR caps on the rear, a Brooks C19, and about 5oz of sealant. Decided to try the Pizza Rack this time and was surprised how much finagling it needed for install.

This week I have latex boogers all over my right leg.


Is this Jake?

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living the effing dream!


Come deliver food in Chicago. It’s a city famously full of hungry, lazy people.


@Euphorbia Hey Todd!

@Mister_Uncle_Rudy I want to try it for a whole season! My dream is to learn all the major US cities this way… I have no idea how far I’m going to get this year before winter…


Winter is the best time to ride a bike.

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Yo! What’s Abby doing while you explore cities?

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Maybe in california? I sure hate riding in winter here. So do my joints.

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Sup Jake
It’s me Meta llama


@Euphorbia sadly, divorce has been processing for almost a year now and we’ve been pretty much separated for over two years… different needs and a lack of support led to a cumulative breakdown… I miss her every day.

@Mister_Uncle_Rudy I’m down to explore the idea of wintering in Chicago! My current truck camper setup wouldn’t be fun without some accommodation…

In Phoenix I was able to identify a fun work zone that could average daily about $17-35/hr with most trips never going over 2.5 miles. Averaging $4/mile

Tucson is a completely different economy! I get offers for .50cents a mile, 5-9mile trips out into nowhere. It’s tough… I’m averaging $12-22/hr but I can see I’m establishing a better work zone and starting to produce more consistent results. I need to raise another $1400 before I can move on to Austin.

Is there anyone else delivering?


Yo Jake I’m very sorry to hear that. Give me a call if you feeling lonely.

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@Brendal_Crimpton Just wanted to say that I don’t really know you outside of years of tarck posting, but your Instagram content is A++ and I really love it.


what is his ig handle

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Sorry Jake blew up the spot

@Dickason_Daniel sheezler? :heart::heart: I want to come through some day.

@LASER_BEIGE miss you! I’m happy to connect with tarckers there, no worries.

Tonight, full moon st. Patrick’s day I had to call it a after a couple hours after a few near miss right hooks and a super close call with a drunk driver… I basically never experience that stuff on a regular work day.

Met another person this week who’s living in their rig and working delivery. They’re on an ebike and I believe them when they say they’re making $30+/hr on the dinner shift.

I’m open to an ebike if I could know beforehand how it would effect my take home. Has anyone thought about that kind of math?


I’d do it if I was a) sure I want to stay in this job for a year or so at least and b) wasn’t concerned about theft and c) had the cash to buy an ebike upfront. Dunno about the math but it stands to reason that it should pay for itself (if it’s not limited to some silly slow speed).


@lofarkas I’m way spoiled and warped from always making money during my workouts. :sweat_smile: way less motivated to ride for free. I’ll be doing this for a long time. It’s already been off and on for 4 years. I want to explore how I could get approved to do it in other countries.

… my Kona Dew was stolen in Phoenix last month during a delivery. Completely my negligence. I’d been using a mini U for years, and had been lamenting forever that I needed to get a bigger lock so I wasn’t getting stuck with locking to itself as the only nearby option. I was really disappointed in myself for not switching up sooner.

For this new bike I got the kryptonite 785 :woman_shrugging:t2: They give it a 5/10 security rating but I think for delivery it’s the most versatile. My other anxiety is the bike is always locked overnight to the back of the truck. Currently all I’m using is a “1/2 cable through the hitch loops… I need to invest in a heavy chain.

The $400 Roll I replaced it with was paid off that next weekend… that felt good. I’d be wincing if it got stolen now…but it would be no big. A $1500+ ebike stolen once would be a different upset!

I searched the forum for gps tagging and didn’t pull up much. I hate the options I see on Amazon for AirTags mounting to bottle bosses… and they have a couple very cheap reflectors for $30 to hide one in… anyone here working on a solution?

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I brought the A7 to work one night but only had time to grab a few shots. This is with a Minolta 35mm f1.8 at about 1/8th of a second. This is 4th and 6th by the Dairy Queen if you know Tucson.

This week I pushed hard, and it was hot. by the end of tomorrow I’ll be over 250 miles all around west university and downtown in Tucson. I’m averaging $3.22 a mile. isn’t great but it’s above mediocre.

Today it was 93f and during the heat of it I overlooked a pothole at about 16mph, a massive order of sushi jumped a foot out of my basket. I caught it in the air, but the order was so scrambled that I had to cancel the delivery :grimacing: