2015 Barry Roubaix roll call

Anyone else going to this thing?

I’m not, but your thread looked lonely.

The gravel grinder is so 2014 apparently.

I’ll be there.
I’m doing the 35 because the dude I’m riding with is lame and hasn’t ridden at all all winter.

Yeah Kyle, if it ain’t low trail and covered with racks and bags, it’s pretty square. Thanks for keeping me company.

I’m doing the full deal but on a geared bike this year cuz Wisconsin beer and winter. I’ll be the slow moving object in an ATLX kit.
Hope to see you, Rusty.

That SMO in an ATLX kit kicked my ass last time I tried one of these kind of races.

Never Again (doing ultracross races that is)

Snap into a Slim Jim.

Not for you Kyle? It’s my most favorite kind of “racing”.

I was set to go but gotta pass as I’m working on opening a second shop.

We’ll see you at the next Roubaix-themed event I suppose.

I should be at Dairy-Roubaix & Cheesehead-Roubaix!

So many Roubaix themed rides. Why not an E3 Milwaukeebiek or some such? So many other monuments.
Rode Barry, got a beat-down but stayed on the bike the whole time.
Almost cracked top 100 in my category.
Came back with as many fingers as I left with.
All in all a good day.

Cold ride.
I thought my peckeroo was gonna freeze solid.

I got enough of cold racing shit here in the ECCC. Glad we didn’t venture out to MI for this.

But, I really like the sound of E3 Milwaukeebiek

I’m very bummed that gravel roads don’t really exist in the Milwaukee area. Cheesehead-Roubaix about an hour north is as much as we get and that’s just 10 miles out of 62 total.

gf and I are plotting a bootleg Death March in Rothrock state forest if we ever feel so inclined. We can give you all the gravel you want, and plenty of the elevation you flatlanders do not.

Hm–that’s not a lot of gravel on the cheesehead. Is it at least a little unsmooth?

Wisconsin spring classic #3: Milan-Sand Creek (92 miles). Catchy but would actually be dull as hell.
#4 Ronde van Fond du Lac

I could do this all day…

#5 Tour of Waumandee

this shit writes itself!

OK I’ll stop.

I roll the Cheesehead on a Trek 660 with 28s

does this ride go from Barry to Roubaix?

Anybody doing this in a few weeks? I may be there.