3d printed friction shifters


I’ll buy this.
Think it’ll shift 11?


It ought to. I have no trouble with 10 on simplex.


Has anyone tried simplex 11?


Will do it and report back


I’ve got a Silver shifter on a thumbie easily pulling 11.


Definitely gonna have all the cable pull. @Rusty how much angular swing does the Silver one use?


If it helps, my simplex pulls an 11 speed derailleur across a 10 speed cassette
in about 180 degrees. A ten speed derailleur moves more than that, iirc it didn’t require a full 180 degree movement to traverse the entire cassette.


So what you’re saying is swap the pulleys on an 8sp dangler and shift 11 with simplex


Basically yes, i think that would work fine.


Maybe even don’t swap the pulleys before trying it out. I kinda think it might just work.


@crowding what are you using for the spring clutch?


@crowding, any updates? Are the prototypes working?


This one’s doing 9sp with enough cable pull to theoretically do 12x using 160 degrees of swing. The crispness could be better, but I think that’s mostly due to the way the spring is attached to the handle and can be improved.

Right now I’m setting up experiments to nail down the right materials and dimensions for the spring clutch.


fuuuuck those are sexy


That looks amazing. I’m game for beta testing if you need…


Thanks for the update!!! They look so great!


P.s. / csb: i just replaced the spring in a simplex and feel moderately proud of myself. A guy in VA who runs a shop called Velo Classique is selling them for pretty dear prices. I wonder whether he gets them from a catalog, custom made, ancient oem stock or what.


What’s the status on the springs? I’d be willing to machine the tooling to wind our own.


I need:
DT shifter with location for microswitch.


Some science is happening…