3d printed friction shifters


I’ll buy this.
Think it’ll shift 11?


It ought to. I have no trouble with 10 on simplex.


Has anyone tried simplex 11?


Will do it and report back


I’ve got a Silver shifter on a thumbie easily pulling 11.


Definitely gonna have all the cable pull. @Rusty how much angular swing does the Silver one use?


If it helps, my simplex pulls an 11 speed derailleur across a 10 speed cassette
in about 180 degrees. A ten speed derailleur moves more than that, iirc it didn’t require a full 180 degree movement to traverse the entire cassette.


So what you’re saying is swap the pulleys on an 8sp dangler and shift 11 with simplex


Basically yes, i think that would work fine.


Maybe even don’t swap the pulleys before trying it out. I kinda think it might just work.


@crowding what are you using for the spring clutch?