3d printed friction shifters

This is just a poll to gauge interest. Would anyone put 3d printed friction shifters on their bike?

Pic for ref. This is an indexed shifter prototype – A friction-only version would be more compact.

Mech would be a functional clone of the Simplex retrofriction one-way clutch, a.k.a. the best friction lever experience bar none – but every internal part is straight out of McMaster-Carr.

“Angled barcon” would be a bar end shifter with the mech / level angled 25 degrees or so from the bar clamp, the better to work with townie bars.

Each style should be individually customizable for

  • amount of cable pull (should work fine with 11sp systems)
  • handlebar / downtube clamp diameter
  • color of lever and body (within Shapeways color options)

Pricing TBD but should be less than what a pair of Simplex SLJ with worn out bushings lists for on ebay

  • Yes, Thumbies
  • Yes, Barcons
  • Yes, Angled Barcons
  • Yes, Downtubes
  • Tickybox

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DQ: are these metal or plastic?

They’re plastic (Nylon). I’ve been finding it quite durable, has flexed away from some hits that would have wrecked suntour bar ends.

These look really cool, wish I had a bike to put them on. Would do the Trek 720 commuter but probably selling soon


v interested in thumbie possibilities
have you tested the thumbie printing?

would be down to put these on my trek 720, or maybe a thumbie for tandem drag brake

What are some of y’alls favorite thumbies?

I’d buy some thumbies to replace the super stiff “silver” thumbie on my P/R.

Just wanted to say that this is a cool project but I haven’t voted because I don’t have a clear use for any of the above options

my only experience with friction thumbies was some falcons on an 8sp and they were junk



Good ol’ Shimano M700

Cool. Ive been wishing for pink dt levers and maybe it can come true.

I’m fond of last-generation Suntour like http://www.bikerecyclery.com/suntour-xc-pro-thumb-shifters-7-8-speed-index-or-friction/

I have a rear one of those paired with a Campy front on my townie, but I’d happily replace them with any design of yours! I’m also into a pair of downtubes for my ALAN, the vintage Simplex are kinda clapped out.

I’m sure we could use some barcons at Backalley for Crust builds (friction 1x12 Eagle!)

I had those Suntours BITD and they were head and shoulders above my Shimano thumbies at around the same time. I called the Shimanos palm-shifters.

one proto sent to the printers (in orange tho)


Are you going to have them printed in plastic or a combination of metal and plastic?

Planning to have an all-plastic version but metal bits could be an upsell.