3rensho bike opinion needed

I found the ad at my LBS and wanted to know what you guys thought?
26" rear wheel ( i hope he really means 700cc)
22" front wheel ( I hope he really means 650cc)
track dropouts

the price I believe is 600 for the complete bike


I’d buy it in .2 seconds.

buy the fuck out of it, worry about the rest later

Yeah, if you have the money, I’m kinda confused why you’re asking and don’t actually own it.

yeah you should not have hesitated, a steal for the frame alone

Pretty much any 3Rensho is worth $600, and that’s no exception. You can definitely make a mint with that bike and the components on eBay.

That bike it worth 3 times that.

My mouse is fucked up :colbert:

My advice: buy it, ride it for a week and then sell it for a profit.

Don’t forget to post some preposterous pics here with BMX bars and streamers.

Um what size is that and where can I steal it from you?

you haven’t bought this yet? wtf?

you best own this already or I pitty da foo.

That bike would be a good deal at 1600

tdhk, I think it might be time to lock that Photobucket account.




Bare necessities: Bikes and porn.

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