9 speed dead ender's thread

I think I’m not the only one clinging to 9spd tech still, but maybe I’m wrong.
Why do we do it? Do we need therapy?

I got really into bikes in the 9s era, and every geared bike I own–road, CX, MTB, fat, all have 9s cassettes and shifters.
I’m into the interchangeability and I feel like the newer stuff is superfluous and possibly weaker.
I’m totally aware that 8s loyalists have many of the same feelings but possibly more reliable tech to cling to–I wouldn’t know.
I’m also totally aware that 10s chains have proven at least reasonably durable in the real world.

But still.

By the scarcity of good used 9s shifters I think there are more like me out there.
Am I a hopeless Luddite? Are there any others here?

Hoping this can be a support group–h8ters stay out…

9.speed lifer here

What can i say, I’m cautious and a huge cheapskate

lm a strange case, retro means nothing to me but i don’t even have a bike with indexed shifters

To make you feel better, if you upgrade to 10s on road and mtb, still use the 9sp danglers to shift 10s road shifters.
My 10s 105 shifts the 9s xt amazingly on the rawland and sames for ultegra shifters on same 9s rear.

Clutch life is pretty cool, too, I guess.

Part of this cru. Somehow have amassed a hoard of probably the dumbest version of 9s ever, Campy. So, just using it til it dies somehow, which doesn’t seem likely to happen anytime soon.

Whatever though. I like the shifters.

I sold some 9 speed Tiagra shakes on eBay last year. I think I got like $80 for them? So maybe that’s the cult of 9 at work.

I still have 9 speed on my LHT and hambiek. Hambiek will probably get an upgrade to 10s eventually. 9s 11-32 on the LHT is surprisingly good for the way I ride it. If I ever wear out the shifters I’ll probably upgrade that one to 10s too, considered going to 8s but the wide range cassettes have too many compromises then.

My old road bike had 9s Ultegra. But then I realized you can’t buy new hoods for the shifters. And can’t rebuild the shifters. So I sold the whole thing. Guess I’m not a 9s bro anymore.

Considering what used Shimano 9s shifters of 105 and above go for, there must be more of us out there. I’m feeling fairly secure as I’ve got one extra pair of Ultegras on deck. The last time I was looking for a cassette I was surprised at how few options were left.

Which 9sp dangler is clutch?


srslytho I have some 9spd DA shakes if someone wants em

It’s not perfect, but I shifted a shadow+ with 9sp sram shifters until I got the rest of my 10 speed shit in

It’s not perfect, but I shifted a shadow+ with 9sp sram shifters until I got the rest of my 10 speed shit in[/quote]
I think I know this answer already, is there a shadow+ that shifts 10 with 6700/7900 shakes?

There’s no shimano clutch dangler that shifts with road 10spd without modification.

Got 9sp Tiagra shakes on the commuter, shifting 8sp Sora. Hand-me-downs from someone else’s upgrade that ended up on my bike when the shimergo crapped out. Shakes work fine, but I wouldn’t be chasing down bits to keep it going if it all went south.
The only thing I had to buy was a cassette, and that week Euroland happened to have 9sp Ultegra cassettes for like 30 bucks.

Have 10sp Ultegra on my go-fast roadie, and will be going 11sp on next bike.

I’m still riding a deore 8 speed on my '90 stumpjumper.

I’m running 3 9 speed drivetrains, but downtubes, thumb shifter, and 11/9 Shimergo, so no shakes drama.

wifebike has a last-gen Deore LX group, with rapidrise even

I should have known.


My Trek 520 has that front and rear derailleur. Still going strong.