a confused ALAN Super Record build up Thread

why is it confused you may ask?

it has no more anodizing, doesn’t appear to have any shifter bosses, derailer hangers, braze-ons.
it doesn’t know how old it is but, assumes it’s from the 80’s…

what should become of this machine?

SS? cross? road? geared? painted? raw?

Tarck will decide & it shall be done.
(in due time)

none of the parts that you currently see on it have to remain (those that don’t will be sold to fund the build): campy hubs, nisi rims, isca selle tornado saddle, kusuki japan basr & a 3TTT stem.

Rear brake bridge and seat stays are pretty.
Nice find.

You may be mistaken about how old this bike is. It may be from the seventies.
Not sure where ALAN is built but a lot of older French bikes came w/ rear derailleurs that had their own built-in hanger attachment that slides into the drop outs before the rear wheel is installed…unless there is evidence that the old hanger was ground off, I would guess that’s how this frame was meant to be assembled.

the thing is 70’s ALAN frames usually have shifter bosses, this frame is nearly identical…

Must be a cheap-o frame that used headset shifters?

I would be concerned about the reliability of the frame as a cross bike.

I’d say keep it as a vintage roadie. Clearly not a very Tarck suggestion.

It kind of looks like there might be some discoloration from a band on shifter boss setup in the first picture, but it is hard to tell.

You’re right tho. The frame is essentially identical to the promo image you found. Even the drops are identical, except w/o the hanger. I would guess that this frame got raped in preparation for an FGSS build that may not have come to fruition.

moustached single speed with fenders and possibly racks/baskets.

where’d that thing come from Erik?

I don’t think I would trust that frame.


Those Alan/Guerciotti bonded alu frames have a reputation for asploding, and this one looks to have had a harder life than most.

  1. Keep it roadie

  2. Clearcoat frame as is

  3. Profit

Those Alan/Guerciotti bonded alu frames have a reputation for asploding, and this one looks to have had a harder life than most.[/quote]

They are also have a pretty high degree of flex. To be fair, I weigh around 200lbs, but the one I tried was a noodle.

it was an ebay find… i got it relatively inexpensively… and planned on flipping the wheelset for some much needed cash.

DT shifters were probably clamp-on.

Rebuild it as a vintage geared beater.

If it were me I would just use everything there, and fill in the gaps (downtube friction shifters, brakeset, crankset, pedals, derailers, bar wrap, new tires, cables). You could probably do that all under $200.


I would continue going all viking on this shit, holmes, and PILLAGE.