A Fistful Of Post ATMO (old)


I saw one in a repair stand, the top tube had a dent in it.


I’ll bet that shirt has about a yard of fabric gathered up and secured behind the model’s back with a binder clip.
At least that’s how the riv shirt that I bought and returned fit me.


Imagine walking into the Riv storefront or whatever it is.

“Hey, I’d like to buy one of these shirts, what size should I get?”

“What’s your PBH?”


Your options are:

  • quilt
  • tent
  • tarp
  • sail

If you followed our exercise advise and ate bacon all the time, they’d fit you better


MAMIL - Official Trailer from Demand Film on Vimeo.


My neighbor the roadie wants me to join his cycling club and go on group rides with them. I just want to pretend I’m ‘shredding the gnar.’


I’d wear that Riv shirt, but I bet it’s 2 expensive 4 what you get.


Ha, never mind. The “small” has a 17” neck, 36” sleeves, and a 44” chest!


What the fuck, really? That’s like Stop Making Sense fit.


grant peterson, that what they call me
on the block, posted up with my tall tee






The shoop Tumblr needs updating.




so good





The shoop Tumblr needs updating.[/quote]

This is why I love tarck. Was just about to post this exact thing, only not as well done.


Idea was all Jim’s.