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A bunch of NIMBYs are opposing some “mountain bike trails” (which are simply just something called “singletrack sidewalks”, meant to get bike traffic OFF of the MUP and make it safer for everyone involved, they’re not actual mountain bike trails) made this fear-mongering bullshit.

The typography is infuraiting. Amateurs.

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well it got your attention didn’t it

i think they did a great job
it is very alarming
I wouldn’t want a dirt bike trail either

Wowww that is awful, are you going to go to the meeting and call them out?

Was planning to need to vent in this thread after I replied to a nextdoor post about cycling on a street that’s under construction. Drivers are frustrated that cyclists are taking the lane there. Posted my POV on it, but actually got a whole bunch of people commenting some common sense and telling drivers to be more considerate and patient. Not at all what I expected!

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I’m glad I’m not on nextdoor, I hear nothing but awful things about it.

I’m not going to the meeting, because it’s in the next town over in an area that I never ride, coupled with the fact that it’s a huuuuuge MTB town (golden) so I’m pretty sure that there will be a fuckton of pro-trail advocates there to do the job.

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lmao, that url is waaaay too long to be on a flyer

I lost interest in about 10 words.

Only people with a real vested interest in activism will read further which is about 3 people.

+1 no Comic Sans
-1 that URL LOLMG

I’m so alarmed right now. I’m going to call my senators, my mayors, my pd, AND my HR.

I thought if you lived in Colorado you were like contractually obligated not to be a meanie to outdoorsies.

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Oh boy, you should come visit sometime…

Igor! Glad you made it

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Oh man, Colorado is such a weird and paradoxical place.

The wealthy parts of the foothills, in particular. There’s plenty of bumper-sticker-“liberal-democrat”ism right along side nativist-cowboy-neoliberalism, often in the same breath.

Watch it

Go and do this

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Yeah, the good news for the trail is that no one is going to read all of that and figure out to what they are supposed to be objecting.

I had a fun close call with a bus today.

Dude passed with about a foot of room while I was going around 30 after the downhill heading north from Solana Beach along the coast. Tons of cyclists ride this road daily. I was in the bike lane, google street view picture attached for reference. He was driving with his right wheels right up to the paint, and as you can see the bike lane isn’t super wide here. I felt the wake from the bus pulling me closer as he passed.

Yelled some obscenities to no one, then started adrenaline-chasing for a bit. He didn’t look like he was going to stop for a while so I was losing hope and eased up, but then caught up with him at a light going through Encinitas a few miles later. He was turning right and was at a red light in the turning lane. Luckily he had his window open, so I pulled up and told him he’s going to kill someone if he keeps driving like that. His only comment was that he “was outside the line.” I mentioned that it doesn’t matter in the slightest, there’s a 3 foot law, and please don’t kill people with your bus that you drive on this route every day. Also said I was going to report this, took down the bus number, called NCTD and left a formal complaint. Here’s to hoping they give this dude some extra training before someone gets hit🤞 Bonus was that I saw him pass me again as I was making the call on the side of the road (think he had to do a little local loop, and I stopped a bit further down to cool off)

Couldn’t get my heart rate back down in the right zone after so there went my workout :\ I was definitely shook. I always get super shakey during/after confrontations. At least I was able to keep it fairly civil, I didn’t throw any profanities at the driver (though I definitely was raising my voice).

GSV for reference:

I’ve loved every minute of riding I’ve done on 101, but there are some scary spots for sure.