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I just read this and…

Holy shit.

Sure. I saw it and thought, “weren’t you looking where you were going?”

The issue is that it is a hazard, whether or not it’s avoidable, and when he pointed it out, they told him to fuck right off.

A motorist will kill you whether you stop at a stop sign or not. You’ll get doored, whether you’re in the bike lane or not. A train track or whatever will eat your fucking wheel.

Only thing that’s gonna keep one safe on a bike is that thing between the ears.

I’m waiting for the time when a cop pulls me over for blowing a red and I get to explain how traffic signals aren’t going to keep me alive so fuck 'em.

Old white guy, so I can do that.

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I got pulled over for blowing a red light when I was like 26 and absolutely shit faced. Then 2 more cop cars showed up. I was straight up like traffic was clear so I went. It was safe waiting at the stop light in the dark was more dangerous so I just went. I have no idea how I didn’t get arrested for a DUI or even get a ticket. I thought for sure I was going to get arrested again.


When I was 26 or so my friend was drunk as fuck. Knew he couldn’t drive home so slept it off in his car behind the bar. Woke up a couple hours later to a cop knocking on his window. Blew over the limit and got a DUI. When his court date came around MADD or some other group convinced the court to have a zero tolerance day or some shit so he got the maximum sentence and spent 60 days in jail. You got lucky!

Need one of those swags from the adventure thread so you can just sleep it off next to your car.

Makes me wonder what would happen if you got shitfaced in one of those rooftop tents

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I think you’d be safe because you’re not in the cabin. I worry about this camping in the back of my suburban. I think if the keys aren’t in the car you’re good? But what do I know.

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Damn did he use an attorney at all? I feel like that would have been easy to avoid. I used law students as my representatives in court after “supposedly” hitting a car with a u lock then getting tackled by the 4 occupants and arrested for destruction of property. I think I got a small fine and had to go take drug tests for a couple months but that was better than jail.
The thing was they didn’t even call the cops. Someone on a bus driving by called the cops when I pulled out the u lock and they thought it was a gun.

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Not sure. Pretty much every one I knew back then with a dui charge used This guy and he never did em any good.

I’ve gotten a handful of red light tickets. Nypd used to be very about it before their anti-blm hissy fit. Now there are no rules and you can do anything you fucking want, though still moreso if you’re in a car than on a bike. They’re still anti-bike CHUDS.

I beat every rap I’ve had tho. Eat shit suckers!!


I didn’t realize you could get a DUI just for being in a car alone drunk? seems counter-intuitive to me. would rather he sleep it off than try to get home to sleep it off

once a cop followed me as I was riding to work in Arcata, CA. I ran 4 stop signs so he gave me 4 tickets, total fine was over $500. And I was late for work. In court the judge knocked it down to $160. worst part was getting a safety lecture from some dipshit tiny town cop


i am having a nice peaceful sit in the bike park while my son and his friend ride the pump track when who arrives but a shirtless bro on an ebike (no ebikes allowed here) with music blasting from a Bluetooth speaker


My wife and I took the dog for a walk in our neighborhood last night… And saw three cars blast through a stop sign, one of them almost hit a bike, and then walking back later we almost got plowed into by a guy staring down at his phone driving too fast in the neighborhood as well. What the fuck is wrong with people.

Also to be clear… These are very quiet non-arterial streets.


I saw some wild shit on Seattle’s tiny, narrow neighborhood streets with no controlled intersections over the years

my nightmare was hearing about some lady who murdered someone going 80 over one of those tiny roundabouts less than a mile from my house in Wallingford