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Ban cars?


Short of banning cars, I think dedicated bike thoroughfares would help get more folks that want to bike places but aren’t willing to interact with cars on the streets.

Other than that, I’m not sure there’s any particular infrastructure improvements that will do so. Though they definitely make it safer for those already out there and willing to deal with cars.

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Our neighbors (who have a pro Israel sign in their yard) are having a huge outdoor party watching the football game and their guests are taking up the whole block with their cars and I can hear them hooting and hollering. We live in a very quiet neighborhood so it is annoying to me.

Idk that you’re allowed to complain about football parties on the day of the game after choosing to move to central ohia


watching a slow form snuff vid for your personal enjoyment is what football is and we should all just go back to gladiators. at least that is honest about the death of the participants.


At least the Ohians lost.


Agreed. Portlands neighborhood greenways are some of the best infra I’ve ridden and are something I’d like to see implemented here. Pushing through traffic to arterials and not allowing it to travel more than a few blocks on side streets seems to work really well after the initial shock to the drivers who can’t go 40 down residential streets anymore.


Reminds me of this article that pissed me off the other day
In This Atlanta Suburb, Teens Taste Freedom at 10 M.P.H. https://www.nytimes.com/2023/11/25/us/atlanta-suburb-golf-cart.html?smid=nytcore-android-share

Master-planned community outside Atlanta that appears to have built an amazing suburban trail system and then use it for golf carts. It’s just so close and so far away at the same time. I’m sure those trails are so clogged with fucking carts that you couldn’t actually bike on them if you wanted to.

On one hand, it’s great that da teens can get around without a car. But it feels like it’s still set up as training wheels for a car-dependent lifestyle, which is frustrating.


Many of those carts are EVs tho rite

Haven’t read the article, but I’m assumingming it’s about Peachtree City? That place was an intentional community that only works because everyone has cars already. No one who lives in that community also.works there. It’s a bedroom community that was designed partially for airline pilots to live close to the airport without having to live in Atlanta or in one of the dying towns that surround the south part of the city.

The trails are definitely designed for golf carts and if you’re on a bike, you’ll want it to be closer to a beach cruiser than a road bike. If you’re wanting a spirited ride, you’re going to be on rural/suburban roads with 50+ mph traffic


Ga native here. Peachtree city is stupid and no one thinks it’s cool. Whats new and bad is the manufactured communities for movie industry ppl that are way out in the country and drive like shit on the nice cycling roads.

Shit is stupid

Like Serenbe? Good gravel riding from there though.

Serenbe has uped the suckage by 200% in recent years. Stepford Wives + weird rich granola types. The riding is still great down there though so I will cede that point.

I was aware of the Georgian movie industry but had no idea it necessitated it’s own subdivisions. But I also didn’t know that about the airport so there you go!

I think you just described California?

Serenbe is about being a weird rich granola type.

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portlands greenways were exactly what I was going to reference. I think that’s my gold standard for North american bike infra at this point

Ok guy. I reported your ass to both CHI311 and Bike Lane Uprising. Hope you enjoy your $150 ticket.

I guess I’m a snitch now. Is this what being 40 is?


potentially controversial opinion: Snitching on people creating a safety hazard is not snitching.


Fuck that, that’s a particularly egregious place to cover the bike lane! If we don’t have our side street highways we have nothing.

Hoping for a double fine

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