A safe space to complain about jackass humans

Went for my first ride since I bought my new TCR and promptly caught Covid. 3 blocks from my house, I nearly got run into parked cars by an SUV with the license plate “BEAR PHD” swerving into a parking spot on Sunset Blvd. Pounded a dent into the side panel and soured the rest of my meager 13 miles.


Same guy was still parked there last night when we went to the beach.
Got a pic and reported it to parking enforcement.
Fingers crossed.

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You use the Find It, Fix It app?


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Walking the pup and waiting for the light to change at an intersection with a signed crosswalk. Walk sign lights up and a logging truck turns right on red without looking or stopping. I yell loud enough for the driver to hear me over the loud ass engine and flip him off. Make eye contact with the driver of the truck behind him and start walking across the intersection. This fucking asshole revs his engine, honks his horn and yells something inaudible at me then almost runs me and the pup over while leaning out his window giving me the finger.

big victory over here.
the find it fix it app did not tell me if they issued a citation… however this morning I ran by the dudes house and the truck was parked on the opposite side of the street with the sidewalk clear.


think i might actually be done with riding in the city this time. @halbritt what’s my best quasi-legal self defense option in the bay area?

I think it’s bear spray.
What happened?

wouldnt let guy make illegal turn onto slow street so he tried to run me over. cops took 45 mins to show up in the pouring rain, only for him to leave 30 seconds before they got there.
guy has a katu in parking tickets just this year.

Thought he was going for a gun here.

Pepper spray, Fox Labs is the best.

Feeling like I’ve seen that car before.

This morning I was happily riding along in the rightmost of of two lanes of traffic going a similar speed to traffic, riding in the middle of the lane. Someone in the left lane honked at me, I guess because he wanted to be in the lane that I was already in. The guys is fortunate I was unable to catch him. I’ve been a little on edge lately.

I had a guy go to his trunk to come back with a ‘bat day’ bat one time. I was laughing so hard asking him if it was bat day that he gave up and left


It’s in April.

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If it had been that kind of bat we’d still be friends

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I think the key to enjoy riding a bike in a city is to just let shit go. Obviously you will have conflict if you seek conflict.


so i should get out of the way to let him turn the wrong way on a one way street, got it. :-1:

im tired of bending over for drivers to do whatever they want, have fun being a pushover.




I’d rather let a guy turn down a one way street than get shot in the face.
I’d rather be a pushover than a speedbump.
Live to fight another day and all that.
I’ll express my rage by impotently reporting bike lane obstructers to the city.


man fuck you guys for thinking you know my situation. would you move your car if you were stopped at a red light and someone wanted to turn in the wrong way?
i’m out. might be totally done with this place. i dont need this victim blamey shit.

Yeah. Who cares? Go around and enjoy your day instead of acting like a cop.

the angry escalation that is currently happening might be worth considering in the grand scheme of things. be well.