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Hah, GTA was great and goddamn, I’m old. I think this was it:

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speer is a fucking racetrack and it sucks.
when i was commuting i had to cross speer/downing a minimum of 2x per day. now i cross it a minimum of 5x/week.

i’ve almost gotten taken out there, my wife has almost gotten taken out there, and it’s probably where i will die eventually.

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the wissahickon (a fantastic philly gem with 1800+ acres and 50+ miles of trail within city limits) feels like the one part that of the city that wasn’t touched, but almost every road thet goes down to the water is “____’s mill rd”. it’s reclaimed industrial wasteland, just the industry then wasn’t as rough as it is now. fantastic park tho

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midtown madness 2? I also loved that game


same, obsessed! Cops & Robbers, legal only bus driving lobbies…my first online multiplayer experience

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I’m regularly amazed at how well Rockstar replicated LA in GTA5


I remember upgrading my pc when I was playing the original GTA and having the game speed actually increase to a near unplayable state.

Midtown Madness also rocked in its own special weird Microsoft way.

Though I think in terms of hours spent doing car drivings in that era it was Twisted Metal 2 for me. Before the Gran Turismos of course.

midtown madness was a gem

Street parking is theft.


publicly subsidized private property storage


At least one page full of utter idiots like this in the local paper.


Pretty low tier but I was getting home from a ride and was going about 15mph when I had a neighbor pass me about half a block from our houses. And of course they started merging back in front when I was about even with their rear wheels. To get 4 doors down the street about 5 seconds faster. Just hope these old fucks keel over or quit driving by the time my daughter is biking.


lol I missed in my rage that this person’s $1,400 bill includes a medical appointment. So I assume the breakdown is (1) shopping, $30, (2) eating, $20, (3) kinesiologist, $1350.

But also this gem




Cold Spring fucking sucks Cold Spring - History and Social Justice

why does this read like the onion, while presumably being truthful and accurate?

Using this.

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It’s morbidly funny to me that part of the reason I got into motorcycles and then bikes was that parking always stressed me out. Paying for parking, permits, tickets, circling lots, parking garages, I hate all that shit. I didn’t understand how it doesn’t drive the zillions of other drivers batty until I figured out that a typical driver says “Can’t find a legit parking spot where I want, guess I’ll just park in this sidewalk/bike lane/lawn/handicap spot/middle of the street because I’m probably not getting ticketed or towed”