AB's "Not Sure" & "Average" & "huh?" thread


lol no

There’s literally no chance I don’t use it like this.





It’s really needs to be mounted on the back of one of those stoker faces backwards tandems. Because trying to grill while riding on the front would melt grips, shifter housing, and all the other plastic bits. You could possibly do it on a fixed brakeless track and only rode no hands so you didn’t have to grab your sweet unwrapped bars and burn your hands.


Yeah this is not a Tarck trend I’m going to participate in





I’ve got a bullitt and a grill.


[quote=Rentable Faxmachine][quote=ergott]Done. Still waiting for longer seatpost, but wow this bike rawks.


11/10. Would smang.[/quote]

Please submit this to #slamthatstem.


My circus bear bike needs are already covered.


If ever there is a grill involved the Germans have beat you to the idea.

I saw one with a built-in grill…can’t find the photo atm though





Looks like a Boston dynamics robot smanged a Lauf fork


even if that shit worked great, I dont think I would want to ride it.



I like the cranks’ aesthetics. Rear mech looks like bastard love child of SRAM Eagle and microSHIFT. New freehub design will probably have OE hub vendors scrambling for a while.


fuck another free hub design… Like I need to run a multivariate analysis to figure out what fucking cassette, hub and shifter combo I can use all from the same company.


this is SHIMANO
the same shimano that has not moved to a crank spindle larger than 24mm
shimano will set the standard


You guys are going to really like this
at my first agency job I pitched, won and then worked on this:


I need that XTR derper post remote.