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[quote=turpencat]You guys are going to really like this
at my first agency job I pitched, won and then worked on this:


That’s amazing. You win.


Well think about the fact that Shimano has used the same free hub design for mtb hubs since the 8/9s era…
Did you throw this fit when SRAM came out with the XD-driver? It certainly was time for Shimano to update their free hub design and it makes sense that they not use something SRAM developed (dollah dollah bills y’all).
Also problems with licensing seems to play in.

As for the what goes with what part, it’s real simple:
12s Shimano goes only with new hub design.
11s and everything older than than goes with the old free hub.
Same as with SRAM’s XD/non-XD (shimano free hub) thing.
Road and Mtb are completely separated like always.


I have no doubt that in a year or two their 11 speed products will be on this new hub design, and if they make any new 10 speed things (think trickle down tiagra and sora) it will also use this hub design. Their new 10 speed dangle (tiagra) that was made for the 11-34 road cassette is on an 11 speed pull ratio… so is incomparable with 10 speed shifters, which is bonkers and is the basis for my prediction.


But the actual ratchet mechanism is amazing on paper.


it’s been available in Dura-Ace wheels for a year or so right?


don’t forget brake levers and dropper remote

it’s yet another i-spec standard

the fourth? following A, B, and II


[quote=JUGE FREDD]
it’s yet another i-spec standard

the fourth? following A, B, and II[/quote]
this is the real bullshit tho


it’s yet another i-spec standard

the fourth? following A, B, and II[/quote]
this is the real bullshit tho[/quote]


and it’s adjustable to different rotations?

which defeats the point atmo, I liked eliminating yet another stupid thing to line up

at the same time it goes back to the traditional Campagnolo derailleur hanger, no more Shadow / Direct Mount


I love that they did a 10-45 12 speed because their pros were like, “fuck that 51 shit, We don’t need that extra weight.”
Also, they did a 11s 10-45 cassette for this new standard with a much better spacing at the low end.


I bet it’s not going to be available for another 6 months


When are worlds? Because whoever is riding that is going to win and it should be a click away


looks like maybe slightly taller splines but either way enough of them to spread the load a little bit more for ti/al freehubs to not get wrecked, dope ratcheting mechanism and 10t cog compatibility. i don’t see what’s to hate. as long as they don’t pull a “5 different front set cable pulls on concurrently running groups” situation. i thought XD was pretty clever and this design provides more area for cassette splines to engage.

looking forward to seeing it at an slx price point, or just buying the xt level from europe despite having an s tec account


The taller splines are probably intended to permit alloy freehubs without the awful gauging that beleaguers every aluminum Shimano freehub.


They all but said this in their release statement.

Everyone is in a tizzy about the new freehub standard but I think it was about fucking time they moved on. What will be interesting to see is the real competition now between sram and shimano.


are they actually taller though? or do they just look like it since the splines are like half of the “length” at 23 instead of 13?

i’ve only looked at one or two articles so far. remember that time they made the 7800 freehub body, then they stopped and no other cassettes fit the top of the line hub?


I bet that Shimano has a 10-28 cassette on the next generation of Dura Ace.


I want a 11-22 corncob. One tooth jumps, like the good Lord intended.


Nice to see that DT Swiss already has a compatible free/hub.


I do not want to live in a world with this god.