AB's "Not Sure" & "Average" & "huh?" thread


Yeah, those cranks really hit home.


My friend’s brother who lives in Japan spotted this. All tuned into Pokemon Go


Well supposedly there’s a cross-platform game with the switch coming


I have met multiple people back in the pogo heyday that had multiple devices.


3x as boring!!!


This happened today.

Embiggened pictures here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/123174717@N08/albums/72157667887434087
I have to get new cables since the stock ones won’t reach the brakes in this config.


what if you had more frame bag on top of your frame bag?


or a bag inside the handlebars.

how much do these things actually weigh post-tarcking?


This thing has a lot of opportunities for framebag expression. I only have one bag though.

I’ll try to weigh it today, but it’s a lot. Edit: it’s 26lb.




Sternum puncher






Sundeal dream is over for me, can’t get enough saddle height even with the 500mm chairpole.


Totally sold on the minivelo thing for multi-modaling and just general ridiculousness, so probably going to buy a Katu 20 after I liquidate some bikes.


Turns out BMX bars suck for actual riding around. I put some Jones bars on but I need a boner stem to get them in the right spot. They’re nowhere near as cool but they feel awesome to ride.


“Let me know what you think”, is this person just looking for feedback on this ridiculous thing or actually trying to sell it?


You know Jones bars can be had prebonered, right?


prebonered is a word I have never seen


Yeah but if you experience a ride lasting more than four hours you need to see a doctor ASAP.


I’m pretty sure his rides last more than four hours just so he can avoid talking to doctors. Or whoever it is he has to talk to regularly for work.