AB's "Not Sure" & "Average" & "huh?" thread


I considered the prebonered bonerway but a local shop had them in flaccid and I was bored

Also was curious about riding with forearms on the loop. The Sundeal is awesome because I get to buy weird or terrible parts I’d never otherwise own.


Re: Sundeal chat
I picked up a pair of these kidblock tires cause cheap and blue with the pink, but the tread leans out past the casing just enough to not fit. 20 minutes with a radial sander got em to just fit, another 20 will have them perfect. Its just a big ledge of rubber. I wouldn’t buy these again but since I did I’m gonna make em work.


Whoa, how did you evenly shave the tires with the sander?



this doesnt look too difficult to do but it really needs some dust collection


I wouldn’t say its even per se, but there’s enough meat there, basically one solid knob running along the entire side of the tire right at the transition from tread to sidewall. For the rear there was enough clearance that I could just hold the sander to the tire and it would spin in the frame, kept it pretty even on its own. The front I had to take off and put on a bench, and just rotate ever few seconds.


Yo. I think we are the old kooks now.


I got maxxis grifters in 1.85 sizeway. Plenty of meat and clearance.

Also does anyone else’s make random noises? I haven’t grease/lube the bike after building it, that could be part of it.




why in the fuck would you 3d-print the toothed pulley


Yeah I mean just use an old jockey wheel. No need to reinvent the wheel.


You can buy a gross of a hundred pulley wheels for like $25-50 on Alibaba. The only reason to 3D print it is because you’re a techbro with a 3D printer.


cos narrow wide

wonder if they’ll 3d print me a prime number narrow wide pulley?


looks soft


I used a plastic seatpost tail light clamp ziptied to my chainstay on a couple bikes, not that noisy, basically free, and worked just fine.


I stumbled upon that because I’m putting together a 1x7 and trying to find an elegant way to not drop my chain.


I did the same with a small piece of pvc pipe on a tallbike about a lifetime ago.


Deschutes Tier Stewardship Campout 2018 by Gabriel Amadeus, on Flickr


Definitely a HUH? on many levels.