Alien Bike Build Up Thread

So, a bunch of us are going to be receiving our new Aliens in the next few days.

Personally, I’d like some help in selecting parts.
In particular, I need to select a headset & bottom bracket that will work best for this bike.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. :Dutret, Rusty Piton, Bonechilling & Deathhare:

We need an acronym for Velospace posts. TBTNTBGB for Tarck Bike Tarck and Non Tarck Bike Group Buy

Use a 105 headset and a Sugino 75 BB.

Sugino 75 is soooo expensive. I want it but its soooo expensive.

the headset needs a JIS standard so that limits what you can put on there. anyone know the size bb needed? its an english thread, i think its probably a 110mm.

i have a sugino 75 bb & crankset on my concept… if that would work… i’d do it for sure (i want to sell the concept frame)

the alien website says:
““Real” track cranks with 1/8” 144BCD 46T CNC’d chainring. 165mm, square taper, 42mm chainline when used with a 103mm BB (107mm shown in picture). Available in satin silver or black, these are nice with a nice thick chainring and no ugly hokeyiness like the chainring mounted on the inside of the spiders or anything like that."

Of course it will work.

i’m worried about chainline…
i really have no clue about this stuff

so a 103mm BB, i am pleased by this thread. anyone got a line on a compatible headset besides tange?

[quote=“artblur”]i’m worried about chainline…
i really have no clue about this stuff[/quote]

chainline comes from the bb, not the frame, as long as the rear spacing and bb shell are the same between both bikes (they are) it will fit exactly the same.

Only if you are running those cranks they are selling. Different cranks will need different spindle lengths.

It’s a sad day for the internet when I’m the knowledgeable one. Jeeze guys.

awesome news.
i guess that means i just need to figure out the headset

alien says this:
“1” JIS threaded headsets with nice rubber seals. These old-school headsets are available in chrome or black."

well yah, i realized that after i submitted that post. i’m going to put my miche track crankset on it (that means a 107mm). I just finished polishing off the aluminum frost… now they are pretty shiney silver

I’d rock the Tange Levin CDS Threaded Headset on that bitch!
Because it looks hot and it’s cheap like me!
Linkey Link!

im riding 49x17 right now but i think im going to push it up to a 53t chainring when i build up the alien.

i kinda want threaded because i like the look of a quill stem… is this a huge mistake?

No, no it is not.

no way, quill stems are sexy… im trying to decide if i want to put my 80mm Nitto Jaguar on it or go with something else… I think the 80mm is going to be a tad short for me.