All things NuMTB thread, now lower longer and slacker

Old MTB Thread.

Sold, well, tentatively sold my evil following (dude is awaiting military backpay, but sent me $100 friend and family to hold it).
I decided to go full park for upcoming trip to Windham, Killington, Thunder mtn, and maybe 1-2 more in NE bike parks.


Recent build, good spec. All air stuff, which should be easy enough to tune vs coils and weights and shit.
I wish tarck were here for the last week as I tried to decide on a bike. Wrapping my head around shorter reach on most dh bikes (until really the last year). I mean, I kinda get slack and 200mm means wheelbase is longer, but XLs with 447 reach had me scratching my head.
Intense has 460mm reach, which seems better than most. Dude built it up last year, only put a few rides on it.

Of course, I am now still awaiting shipping, and dude is not very responsive. Might not have it for the trip now. Fucker.

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Looking for a bikepack-capable front squish hardtail.

My current plan of action is to wait for a used new-style KM to come up, but should I be looking at kona shit too?

I don’t want to spend much more than $1500

Shit we were thinking of calling this the All things NuMTB thread, now lower longer and slacker.

Edit: Credit to Jamey for refining the name.


Lulz. Sick park rig. You should bring it out to CO sometime.

Edit: nvm, I forgot about snowshoe.

Wouldn’t Scott’s Marin be a good option? Seems like good geo and pricing.

Came here to post that. Love the shit out of my Marin Pine Mountain 2 - the PM1 is significantly cheaper though and near enough to the same bike.

If I hadn’t done the PM2, I’d have done a steel Kona Honzo or the Santa Cruz Chameleon, in that order. Moira is going for a steel Honzo as we can round up the dollhairs.

Isn’t it a medium though? I need large.

In terms of wheel sizing I have some thoughts re 27.5+ vs 29er.

We went out to Dockton Forest a couple weeks back, a bunch of us - the 29ers on 2.2 and 2.4 tires were a little faster and a little more nimble on the trails, but only a little. When the ride ended up down on the beach and we were riding through miles of sand and water and over fields of beach rocks and shells and shit, the 3in tires really shined. They just roll over more, better. Most folks were walking, or really struggling to pick their line and get through it, but I was cruising. If you’re bikepacking I’d suggest giving 27.5+ / 3in tires real consideration. Those Nobby Nic’s are awesome. It’s a dang good compromise ATMO, and tons of fun.

I wasn’t suggesting that you literally get his bike.

I will cut you

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oh, there was a medium somethingorother for sale in marketplace that looked great and I honestly didn’t check to see who was selling it.

Me, but it is a women’s medium xc bike.
They are guiding you in a more pleasant direction, no doubt.

Those lower-tier Pine Mountains are cool but they’re Boost QR which is a hub standard I would not want to lock myself into

I was lookin’ at SC Chameleon which didnt fit quite right but woulda been good & fun, meant to look at a Honzo but just didn’t, and ended up with scott’s old Stache which is great for a big person but 29+ might be a bit much otherwise

Why is Boost a standard you don’t see sticking around? Pretty much every current mountain bike in the what uses it AFAIK.

boost with QR tho

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for pine mountain 0 and 1
the 2 is TA

Oh. OH! You’re right. That’s weird.

there is one single 27.5 Boost QR wheel on QBP and I wouldn’t buy it

lmao boost QR what the fuck