All things NuMTB thread, now lower longer and slacker

I’ve only ever ridden across, not big up or big down

Even if you hate climbing, it’s kinda cool going up big stuff and going down is fun as hell and also exhausting.

I find mountain biking super rewarding. The only part that bums me out is driving to trails all the time, as the ones closest to my house arent my favorites.


My feelings about xc skiing exactly.


listen to amy and luk. a lot of people tout hardtail and rigid as a grail because it forces you to learn to find the “best” line. but 130-150 with modern suspension and not too wild angles rides so well and lets you pick the line that will be the most fun for you. and it certainly helps keep you out of trouble when that line you chose turns out to not be ideal for you and your skill level

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The cool part about being new is that every trail is still fun. I have no idea what sucks and what doesn’t. I still go to the park near me to explore the bootleg trails and always find something new.

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u will b doin sui no handers and 1foot nacs in no time


go home zac, you’re drunk

For me it was more like: “I like being in the woods. I want a bike for being in the woods.” Then I got a long bike with a 64 degree head tube angle and needed to seek out trails that had some elevation to let it run. Next thing you know we have a house next to a small mountain and I’m counting shims inside my rear shock.

You’re in a place where you can get any size of bike and have access to trails that will be a good fit for it. Amy I think has the right idea in getting a bike that you might want to take one step up in travel from eventually.


So basically you guys are saying I should let my Kona rep buddy talk me into a killer deal on a Process 153?


Quoted for truth.

When I’m ready to pull the trigger I’ll post here to make sure it’s an approved purchase. That’s not sarcasm either, y’all have a much better understanding mountain bikes and what does what


$2600 bux GX build? Dang. I’d probably spring for the $3000 SLX one though.

Also Stumpjumper EVO Elite Alloy $3500 build with factory suspension wtf

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I gotta not be tempted by Black Friday sales, I shouldn’t buy another bike until after the holidays

that’s not very far from now

Breezer has some nice 20% off bikes. :wink:

You can just buy it now at a great deal and hide it from yourself until after the holidays.

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Bet Spec still has that on sale. Most of their sales started a month or many more ago.

Seems like the bike sales aren’t going anywhere, yeah. Though I don’t think the fox factory version was on sale prior to now? There is a lower spec version of that bike currently also on the site for 3500.

Vital posted a budget bike shootout (< $2500) two days after you made your list. TL;DW: The testers all liked the Marin.

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still love this bike

rode some steep stuff 2day

the best


Should have my sentinel ready to sell soon if anyone needs a good deal on a carbon mountain bicycle.