Am I a queer for liking the Fuji Connoisseur? ... ute10.aspx

Yeah its hilariously overpriced but I’m a sucker for downtube shifters. :colbert:

That things is the hotness.
Way over priced though.
Like about twice what I’d pay for it.

I think you’d be a queer if you were homosexual, and then only if you were calling yourself that in a self-deprecating manner.

But the bike is ok. WAY overpriced.

Sad to see the trendiness of leather tape and saddles. Especially leather saddles that will be replaced.

I say leather grips that are sewn onto the bars. Just big strips rather than bar tape.

leather should be applied by the user, IMO. People want to class the bikes up themselves. It’s kinda like langsters and tarck.

Langsters are still just a joke to me.

Whats the street price gonna be? Everyone jumps the gun looking at the MSRP.

Steel is expensive as fuck, so I’m not really complaining about the price.

Here’s Bianci’s answer: I heard its like $3200. the bars look aweful

That has way better components though.

let’s not forget the portland and 520 from trek and the new raleigh bikes.

What’s up with all of these that are styled after Bike Boom ten-speeds but with nicer frames/forks/components?

It’s a serious lack of creativity, because a lot of the ideas aren’t taken to the fullest, just half assed design continuity.

So queer…

trend much?
edit: jamis aurora elite,

and the masi speciale randonneur

I can’t believe that someone would pay $1,500 for a 4130 frame with a no-name drivetrain and generico OEM components when you could get a much better real 80s bike with 600 or Dura Ace for $500 at the most…

For laughs, the Fuji Newest 4.0 has the exact same components and is only $500.

Although no one will ever pay $1500 for this, you’re totally right. I can’t believe they only stick an eight-speed drive train on there. Can you even get eight-speed cassettes anymore? If you can, they’ve gotta be total dumpster-lever crap. Kona has the Honky-Tonk for $800, which lacks lugs, but which at least costs comes with Shimano components (good ones, at that). And yeah, there is a whole world of eight-speed vintage bikes which are a ton cooler, for a fraction of the cost of the Fuji.

I like buying leather and throwing it away. Just to make sure cows died for nothing.

remember , Fuji MSRP is way high. I got a 07 Fuji Team pro for 1090.00 MSRP is like 3000.00!!