Anyone going to the NAHBS?

It’s here in my town… we’re having a party the first night… a party the second night… and rides as well.

The director of the show is a huge douche.

Yea im going. I have a couple friends down in richmond, im actually there every other weekend recently. So im crashing with someone. Let me know tentative plans it’s baout time i meet more tarckers.

Too far for me, but I hope that:

A) There is a Tarck-up including riding, drinking, and repping Tarck in public (and not necessarily in that order)
B) Somebody posts some pictures of A, along with some of the bikes or whatever

i know devan is going…

I’d really like to get to this.

Wrong coast

You west coast fucks had your chance!!! Now its our turn!

Track racing starts up mid march on Tuesday nights… you should come down and mix it up.

Amz and I are 95% there.

I’ll go and check it out, but prolly wont be able to goto any of these tarck meetups, as I’m not 21 yet.

I will be there

Glad this got bumped.

A buddy of mine and myself will be roadtripping our way there. We will most likely have our bikes with us. While not race worthy whips we’d be down for some riding around town and seeing the things that need seein. Dunno where we are staying or many plans other than going to the show so let us know if you wanna hang or see some things with us!

I’ll be riding down from DC with a group of 3 or 4 others, if the weather/road conditions don’t screw us over.

Speaking of which, what will weather and road conditions be like there?

Who knows the way this winter is going in the mid-atlantic. DC has gotten snow twice in the last 5 days and they’re talking about a major storm this weekend. This all after we had the snowpocalypse. I’m lovin the snow, but I hope winter mellows out at the end of the month.

Anyone going to SMB?

I read it similarly… :colbert:

I thought I asked if you guys wanted to pick me up in dayton
guess I didn’t.
you guys wanna pick me up?

wait a sec people handbuild bikes in places other than portland?