Anyone touring?

I know the pandemic has thrown a wrench in the spokes of all cool plans but if anyone has a tour planned this summer I’d love to hear about it.

I’m thinking about a southwest tour at some point, maybe this fall.

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I’m planning on riding to Cleveland at some point. If things look good enough for that.

this route:

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Looks fun. How soon do you think? Solo or with people?

We’re still hoping to do some overnights with the kiddo on the rail trails around here.

We were just about to release details for a VO on the C&O public overnight before things got shutdown.

I usually do a mini-tour of the pawnee grasslands in NE colorado this weekend, ain’t happening.

I had planned to do a week on the northern section of the Wild West Route, ain’t happening.

I’m gonna fill it in with a bunch of weekend pukepacking trips.

I doubt I’ll be able to do the northern Minnesota tour I sorta was considering.

Hopefully some overnights to various state parks can happen. Also considering stealth camping down in the river bottoms south of Minneapolis, but a little nervous about that solo.

Tossing around the idea of tandemning the idaho hot springs route, but usually we just do s24o’s

Figured out a way to get a Jackson Hole to SLC mini tour in this summer. Very exited. Great excuse to buy more bike stuff.

GF joining but we’ve had a hard time sourcing a touring bike in her size for a reasonable price. Would it be crazy to throw a rack on her Masi Speciale Otto? It has regular dropout eyelets and mid fork/top stay eyelets. It’s a < 300 mile ride to be done in a week or so. I could just carry the camping stuff to keep her load light. Elevation chart seems mostly downhill. The biggest issue I see is that there’s no FD so gearing wouldn’t be idea.

Just throw money at one of those Shimano mt 210 46/30 cranks, bb, and a fd. Probably cost $100 by the time you’re done putting alivio stuff on, and that’s paying retail.

Cool. She might buy a Cinelli Hobooteg but I think this is also a reasonable option.

Update: she said fuck it and bought the Cinelli from some shop in Oregon and they’re shipping it to Wyoming.

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made a dumb video of my first overnight in a while.

Not sure how covid and travel restrictions will look but eyeing a Seattle-Baja tour september/october

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Very delightful.

I’m in Wyoming now, bike is in the mail. Still need to buy panniers and some wool stuff, but haven’t decided what yet. Going to plan the route next. Might do an overnight ride to test the gear this weekend.

Built up the gf’s Hobootleg - it’s a nice bike.

huh. A new rim brake touring bike in 2020.

You don’t use brakes while touring


like we said in 2006 - “Brakes are for fakes”

“Can’t stop, don’t want to!”

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We did an overnight trip to Teton to test the gear last weekend. Amazing riding. The paths between Wilson, WY and Teton were probably the best riding I’ve experienced in my life. Gorgeous out here. Got our bike fits and gear sorted out. The only real issue was how crowded the campgrounds were. Everywhere was full so we had to meet some strangers, which was kind of annoying, but fun and better than paying to sleep.

If anyone has any route, campground, restaurant, or other suggestions between Jackson Hole and SLC let me know. Leaving next Friday.