Anyone waiting on a bareknuckle?

I’m been waiting on one for about a month and it is making me sad.


Perhaps you should let us know what a bareknuckle is. :colbert:

Yea, been backordered since January… also looking at an alien frame but that’s backordered too. Hilarious how the bicycle industry could not have a product available in the prime season, it’s like a bar not having alcohol on a Friday night.

BIanchi seems to be having the same problem with their Pista Concepts.

srsly or no?

From what I had heard from my LBS they were supposed to land sometime this month

perhaps you should offer praise to the might tarckbear in hopes that he doesn’t strike you down tonight.
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How is that Bareknuckle? Im asking strictly from a track riding perspective… There are not that many options for a stock steel frame that really is appropriate for the track. Anyone riding/racing one of these?

I agree, tarckbear is one of great vengeance and furious anger.

[quote=“snortcrank”]I’m been waiting on one for about a month and it is making me sad.


Welcome to the club. I think I backordered mine back in January.

They seem to have changed the ETA on these things 3 times. The current expectation is “early may”, and seeing as how it is now the 15th, I expect them to move it out another 2 months any day now.

I’m not racing mine, but I take my bareknuckle on several HARD road rides every week. I have predetermined areas where I sprint, and certain hills that I stand and sprint to the top…ya know, pushing it till I feel like I’m going to die. The geometry is pretty clearly track. The bareknuckle frame is way stiff, both laterally and vertically. I can stand up and hammer on that thing till me veins are poppin and I don’t feel any flex, whereas my other bikes (which include a Pedalforce Carbon road frame, a Rob Roy, and an old Centurion lugged road frame conversion) feels like they are going to snap in half with the same effort. Waves and bumps that my other bikes would easily absorb nearly buck me off the bareknuckle if I hit them at speed. I love riding my bareknuckle, but its pretty obvious from the harsh ride that its not really built for road riding. Its definately a sprinting machine.

From what I hear, the price of the BK is jumping considerably. I think it’s going to be somewhere in the $750 range, now. That should effectively quiet demand for these bikes, I think.

Wait, wait, wait… You mean to tell me a manufacturer is out of a popular item when more people want to buy that item than during other times? You’re saying that in the prime season, when way more people than usual buy bikes, that somehow their supply has been depleted in some way? Crazy…

best investment ever.

$605 → $735 on thebikebiz

[quote=“snortcrank”]I’m been waiting on one for about a month and it is making me sad.



Damn, they jacked the price up crazy high. I’m not happy about that. I want one so bad. :colbert:

At $735, you’re better off spending a few hundred more and getting a full-custom bike.

word, imma try n get me a panasonic if the prices stay that high.

Man, I’m so glad I decided to preempt the fall of the dollar and buy my whole set up in the fall. I got mine for $605. and my cranks went from 199 to 299 or something like that wtf. Anyways, I love mine, I ride the shit out of it and it is fuckin strong.