asploded bike parts thread


textbook fatigue crack, would have been growing for a while, and probably visually detectable prior to failure (for those who are concerned about their pedals suddenly becoming less attached to their crank arms than they’d like).
Quality of the cranks is a factor in this kinda failure, but the kind of metallurgical defects or machining marks that can initiate fatigue can be quite small and difficult to detect. add to that the fact that the pedal crank interface is not the best, throw in the possibility of all kinds of mechanical ham fisting, foreign material getting into the interface during install, or manufacturing defects (or burrs on pedal flats, though not applicable in this case) on the pedal damaging the crank arm, it’s not unexpected for any aluminium crank. those middleburns do look a bit slender around the pedal, which might make them more susceptible
jobst (may he rust in peace) was not a fan of standard pedal crank interface


Maintenance of any kind is not high on my buddies list, so most of his work is done by a professional, but yeah, probably would have been see-able, hes just not the kind of guy that notices stuff when cleaning his bike for instance. It’s just not gonna happen (cleaning or noticing). They still look way less slender than my Tune cranks that have been thrashed to hell. Apparently the Middleburn company has been revived which is good news.


skinny cnc cranks are gonna crack eventually with real use regardless

your tune cranks are doomed


I did that to an old Cook Bros. crank.


[quote=JUGE FREDD]skinny cnc cranks are gonna crack eventually with real use regardless

your tune cranks are doomed[/quote]
Yeah I guess so. One day. Let’s just hope it’s commuting and not poop barning. I have just become aware of large amounts of Brooks Cambiums crapping themselves. Must be a certain batch as I know of plenty of generation 1 versions still as good as gold.


Oops. I thought I knew of gen 1 ones that were good. I was wrong.


According to my rep, basically every original Cambium that has seen regular use is broken now.


Regular use like, did 15k miles and is now done, or regular use like went to the local cafe/library/city park a couple weekends a month and is now done?

Data point: Five months on a Cambium doing decent mileage, is fine, still looks new-ish.

Resulting Data Point: I have just jinxed myself.


Regular use like used regularly by avid riders under conditions which other saddles easily survive.


Even 15k miles shouldn’t kill a saddle. I have a couple Avocet Racers from the early 90s with at least that many miles and they are still going strong, and I’m a bike killer.


Given how comfortable the C17 is, I’d happily pay $40/year.


Mine is still alive… unless it is generation 2… I think i got it in 2015?


Todd, you weigh as much as a fart. Doesn’t count.

I have one that I assume it a later generation, and it’s still going great after ~8000 miles or so. They’re pretty generous with regards to warranty, so that shouldn’t be an issue.


I weight 180 on a gooooooood day. There is bathroom graffiti at my office of a tombstone with the inscription, “Fatty B’s last saddle” because I break saddles basically for fun. I have two cambiums that I cross mount regularly and they seem fine.

Of course this means tomorrow I will break one.


Given how comfortable the C17 is, I’d happily pay $40/year.[/quote]
I’d love to try the C-17. I think it’s the width that makes my B-17 work for me, and I’m not a fatty, normally.


I ride a 30 year old turbo every day with no issues at all. And I beat the fucking fuck out of it.

Also, everyone I know with a cambium hates it with a passion, or I should say hated it, because they’ve all been sold.


I wear out an Aliante a year.


I like my c15 but it gives me a saddle sore every 6 months or so, which I don’t like.


I have only ever broken cheapo stock saddles. I’ve torn a bunch from crashing and riding in jeans, but never actually broken a nice one.

Also, +200lb cru checking in.


This seems like about as much of a deal breaker as a thing can be for a saddle…