asploded bike parts thread


never met a velocity rim that I couldn’t crack in less than 2,000 miles




ye. tubeless. used, not sure how many miles before I got them. been assaulted with salt since early december.



Velocity rims and salty winter do not mix.
Somewhere back in this thread is a picture of the one on my Tachyon that just disassembled itself and was held together essentially by tire pressure.


Here we are: Velocity Synergy, early 2014. Links died so here’s a remix.
GT Tachyon built up as winterbike/saltgrinder for my first winter in Madison. Polar vortex shit.
I’m pretty sure I was going over it at the end of the winter when I found this. Or maybe I heard some kind of ticking noise during braking.

First thing I noticed:

Inner and outer layer apparently held together by the tire:

Cross section after the fact:


Holy shit


That was pretty much the consensus back in 2014.
I don’t buy Velocity rims now.


Ugh half of my bikes have Velocity rims “just cause” and I’m dreading their inevitable failure. Alex needs to hurry it up with those 650b Adventures 2s!


I wanted to bother the Alex rep at NAHBS, but dude was busy…
Emailed them also, noathing


yeah fuck velocity

i really want those alex rims but i’m worried I’m going to have to settle for less


I wish they would hurry those into the market so dozens of us could buy them.

I suspect that they will be popular with the iBob crowd, too.


For real how many Pack Rats can there possibly be?


Spotted this on the way to the store, gone the way of all bamboo/wood bikes, I suppose:



Haven’t seen Neuvation wheels in a while. Except my basement that is.



How is that possibly cheaper or preferable to buying the right pads for $10 on the internet?


I bet that guy starts most sentences with, “well, I’m an engineer…”



I mean, I use old inner tubes instead of bungee cords, so it’s not like I’m materially different than this dude.