Badass bike parts picture thread


Everything FSA sucks, period.

if i got that chainring id powdercoat it to match my veeeez.

lately ive been lusting for a modolo stem:

That was definitely a 55T ring though. It would be kind of hilarious to push that through the city.

How about some CF cantis?

Because, you know, normal cantilever brakes are so GD heavy.

^that picture got me so confused

Me too… Where’s the rest of the bike!?

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That sucks. I haven’t even gotten a 10spd bike yet, and they already have 11’s.

Edit - I don’t really dig the fact that the BB Bearings are oiled rather than greased, and I especially don’t dig the fact that you apparently need an 11spd specific chain breaker. It’d be great if things were getting simpler, rather than more complicated.

“for climbin upa da hills”

11 speed makes my brain hurt. 10 speed chains wear out fast enough, thank you. Finally something new for the investment banker set.

they are building the rack.
the fork wheel and fender is used to make sure everything clears.

Don’t you need a special tool for Shimano 10 speed anyways, because of the peening?

This is why we ride fixed gear.

Unless you consider matching Deep-V’s to your dunks complicated.

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Don’t you need a special tool for Shimano 10 speed anyways, because of the peening?[/quote]

This is basically the case with all modern chains, except the cheap KMC Z stuff. It’s largely irrelevant though, because you can use your standard Park chainbreaker to push the pin out, and after that you just use a master link.

^^^ how often do you break road chains? I mean, I’m no really experienced road bike mechanic, but isnt the point of buying a chain that fits your gear number (6,7,8,9,10, etc.) that you dont HAVE to break it? or am i just fucked?

Yeah, I don’t see why you would be removing it unless you’re replacing it. Someone will come along to argue that if you pull it off you can clean it better, but the benefits are marginal and in my opinion definitely not worth the hassle/damage.

From Pedal Mafia…
NJS campy cranks and ring…

Cinelli NJS stem…