Badass bikes that aren't yours

Just added RX pusher and FSA crank to already killer bike (friend’s). He’s bringing it to D2R2


Jamie’s lefty with experimental thin seat stays.


Love those lefty forks on drop bar bikes.

@ergott don’t the 800/9100 series RD need very little housing?

I duplicated the loop the dangler comes with, but this bike uses one long housing all the way to the lever. Felt like it was too long, but I can always trim it.

internal routing can do unfortunate things to the tidy rear section that’s possible with the new shimano deraileurs, but so it goes. that does look like it could still use a trimming, though.


That’s Ben Rainbows bike, owner of Back Alley Bikes.

Because this gets overlooked by nearly everyone, I want to tell you people that new Shimano Shadow road derailleurs require a special bit of housing call RS900, which conveniently neither Shimano NA nor QBP stock at the moment. It’s essentially the same as any pre-radial wire shift housing (like Shimano SP40), in that it’s just very softly coil wound housing, only it comes with a little plastic sleeve for easier shifting.

Anyway, note this because using SP41 (or anything similar) sucks and ruins the shifting.

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Yeah that’s the good stuff. And then we get to learn that Fred is building his aluminum rando dreambike.

I need to bring Garth my sundeal for truckification

Shifting is fine on above bike. Problem pops up if you have an internally routed bike that has a full housing run. You have no cable stop to switch to the softer loop. I guess you can use one of those ferrules that couples, but is there one that’s a tight fit for both diameters? I haven’t really checked my bin and bike isn’t here anymore.

Yeah sorry, I should have been clearer, I meant on modern bikes where the cable exits at the end of the chainstay. You can almost certainly get away with it on any bike with more traditional routing. I also imagine that segmented housing would work fine, as well.

The bike in question had full housing right out the end of the stay (Spec. Crux). I did a Tarmac and used the segmented for the little loop. Small enough that I had spare segments instead of buying more. That worked real well.


phew I thankfully ordered the right set last week for rebuilding my Elephant

and the listing had this handy explanation of what it is:

The OT-RS900 only comes in the prepared length though, even in bulk you’re getting a box of 10x240mm. My RD housing run is a lot longer coming all the way down the seatstay, maybe that means I don’t need it anyway? Still would be useful for the short tight bend I have for the FD…

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can you use one of those double female ferrules like come with the Yokozuna housing for the handlebar area where it connects spiral wound housing for the bendy part to straight housing for the rest?

Oh snap thank you! Just ordered that derailleur!

What’s frustrating is that you can’t buy just the RS900 piece in North America, at the moment, and a single one from Taiwan costs like $10. But as Fred showed, if you buy the Shimano 9100 cable kit, it’s included, and presumably it ships with a set of new shifters or groupset.

Also if you’re like me, you have a few yards of segmented housing hanging around, because you’re not throwing that shit away, and I’d guess that would work great for the application.