Badass rider of the day II

Ascutney hill climb 2011.

Definitely badass ^

I wish I had a picture but theres a local guy here that’s a total BA. He’s at least 70 and has a giant white beard and lots of faded old tattoos, looks like he’d be more at home on a Harley that his crabon Giant, I see him pretty regularly doing hill repeats, never seen his hands anywhere but in the drops.



slingshot as in the bikes with cables for downtubes?

GIS came up with this

[quote=miguel]GIS came up with this

fuck yea



Backflipping a road bike. Holy shit

[quote=miguel]GIS came up with this
LOL at both wheels


Backflipping a road bike. Holy shit[/quote]


found a more detailed account


Fuck your link requiring and account.

you just had to click around it to read the story

which was only a 1 paragraph summary

It pings my IP addy as local and plays hard to get.

Wat? It shouldn’t. You should get at least 10 free articles a month. Maybe it pings you as NOT local? Sorry.

But between aerobear and I, you pretty much got all the interesting parts of the story.

So… anyone else surprised that this wasn’t in florida?

I was joking but then I had to explain. Now I’m on a third post for something I was at best inconvenienced to discover was quoted verbatim on nearly every news source and was also exactly what you were kind enough to include.

such fail

I just removed the “m” for mobile from the url and it let me in.

I thought I hated cars, but I’m thinking it’s actually people I hate.