Badass rider of the day II



Been that guy before. No photographic evidence.


get well soon


Holy shit!


Update on the tricyclist, who says he’s not mad because it was just “an accident.”

Starting to move from BA to JA. Sorry, but drunkenly running someone over, then fleeing the scene and attempting to lock them in your garage is not an accident.


That to me looked like a calm rational recanting of statements to prepared questions his legal counsel had approved. If he really did manage to attempt psychological control over the guy whose front seat he found himself bleeding and disoriented in, BA.



was talking to this guy on the phone for like 15 minutes today, doing some trouble shooting on his power meter.

right at the end of the conversation after he’s been doing all this stuff with me on the phone, he’s like “oh there is one other weird thing. i only have one leg, so my power numbers are coming out crazy high”

turns out i’m talking to this guy:

pretty badass.


Good lord. Really puts things into perspective.


A 7-year-old completed the Ronde PDX. 50 miles/7,000+ feet.


But did he ride on the worst day of the year?

Kidding, wouldn’t even try to take something away from the kid.


I saw that kid at the start. Couldn’t understand what was going on with his fork, which had several inches of exposed steerer below the headtube.

Obviously still badass tho


We’ve got a customer that’s 10 years old. Bought a Fuji Ace 24" road thing and rides Mt. Diablo twice a week. Mt. Diablo is around 14 miles and 3800’ and he does it with 42/23 as his granny.

Bad ass.


1 - Wheel size is going to make that 42/23 equivalent to a 32:20 though

2 - Still pretty bad ass


The kid is 10.

Most adults come into the store looking for ‘alpine’ gearing for their triples to ride up this stupid mountain.

We hook him up with tons of stuff and are building him a killer wheelset, for free. Dude is rad.


Who give a shit what gearing he runs. What’s his time up from South Gate?


I think he said it was 2 hours to the summit from Northgate side.


He’s 10, that’s badass.


Oh shit! Call CPS

but, though, that kid then, killer.


[quote=Todd]Oh shit! Call CPS

but, though, that kid then, killer.[/quote]

Jackass thread that way. Worth cross posting.


I rode 40+ miles with that kid one day. We were riding out to the coast, me and about 6 friends, and his dad flagged us down out near Cornelius. His bike had broken down but his kid didnt want to stop riding, so he asked if he could ride with us.

Averaged about 12mph and he chatted us up the whole time, he is a great kid. His dad had a new bike brought out to him and met us down the road, really great family.