Badass rider of the day II


[quote=Todd]Oh shit! Call CPS

but, though, that kid then, killer.[/quote]

This made me so mad I actually got a little sick in my stomach.


[quote=halbritt][quote=Todd]Oh shit! Call CPS

but, though, that kid then, killer.[/quote]

This made me so mad I actually got a little sick in my stomach.[/quote]


Seriously. I rode fucking everywhere when I was a kid. I expect my kid to be able to do the same if he wants.


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[quote=deadforkinglast][quote=halbritt][quote=Todd]Oh shit! Call CPS


This made me so mad I actually got a little sick in my stomach.[/quote][/quote]

Its 3 or 4 years old and I never heard a follow up on it so I’m guessing the shit got dropped once they realized how stupid they were and once the family was represented by a real lawyer. I do not think this is the only instance of CPS being called for letting a kid go ride solo that I have read tho.


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I made a gif


Afghan Female Cyclists


I remember regularly riding 4 km out of town to hang out by this bridge in grade four/ 9 years old. twas idyllic.


When I was 11 or 12, I got a hand-me-down road bike from my uncle. It was a f’real road bike. Everyone was surprised when I rode it 30 miles to a friend’s house.


I don’t know if I ever rode that far when I was a kid, but 20 mile loops for trainspotting (and the occasional bluffclimb because I was young and stupid) were pretty par for the course. It’s probably just as well that all I ever had was a schwinn singlespeed, because it would have killed my schoolwork if I’d taken up randonneuring as a teenager.


I only did that once. Got into a world of trouble as a result. It never even occurred to me that riding 30 miles to a friend’s house without mentioning where I was going might cause someone any grief. My “plan” was to ride home after. Didn’t have any food or water or anything.


I remember when I was in junior high I had some summer activity that I was riding a bike to… Can’t even remember if I did it more than once or twice, it’s just a blur.

I do remember my dad trying to get us to ride bikes before that. I mostly remember really hating getting dragged out for rides, but the rides weren’t that bad. Did a 50 mile ride for a bicycling merit badge one time, I still don’t ride that far very often


Tarck, when mile 11 means you are on a long ride.


My first ever bike trip was when I was in the Scouts. I ate shit within sight of our house and got a huge road rash on my leg. Finished the ride though, lots of miles along some Southern California concrete river. I remember the lead dude set the pace at a cool 15mph the whole way. I think we even camped overnight? Never got the badge though, cuz Orange County and riding bikes in OC is not very pleasant so I never wanted to ride.


I had my first speeding ticket on a bike by age 10. Second and third too. In today’s sensitive PC environment I’m not going to get into my third strike or what corrected me from becoming a career felon petty misdemeanor’er.

  1. The day they started putting city cops along the bike paths with radar guns. Might have been a warning but I wasn’t part of the adult discussion. 15 mph is so pedestrian but I guess that was the point.

  2. Bombing a hill on the Air Force base resulting in so much shimmy the MP pulled over next to my family he was so afraid I would crash if he turned on the siren. Def ran a red light at the bottom as well as breaking the obscenely low 35 mph speed limit. Base personnel have no qualms about cursing in front of women or children or threatening to exercise their near limitless authority on military land.


Oh damn. That reminds me of my second road bike. When I was 14 or something, someone dared me to bomb a hill. Can’t remember what happened, car pulled out in front of me or something. Was doing about 30 and tried to hop a curb and missed, got the front wheel sideways, and then went over the bars. Had a complete yard sale in someone’s front lawn. Fortunately, soft grass is soft.


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The comments following that npr story are, um, interesting.


Followed this dude down the wiggle today. Upright bass on a home made wooden trailer. The trailer was awesome and didn’t have impede him at all. Yes we were going down the wiggle but this guy also totes this thing all around town, even up some brutal hills. This is the first time I thought someone was badass enough for me to take a picture. And I was busy as fuck at the time but had to.


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