Badass rider of the day II






I’ve considered hopping a stopped train before but not a moving one. And luckily I’m not dumb enough to find myself far behind enough to need to do either.

slow is smooth, smooth is fast.

although a few weeks ago a construction semi with a very high load was slowly 12-point turning in front of me and I was seriously considering pulling a Premium Rush move on it. But I know the construction flaggers at that site and they’re very good to me so I wasn’t trying to ruin a 3 year trust with them for something dumb.


More jackass than badass, but I saw dude riding no handed yesterday, holding the frame of his rear rack. He was just cruising down this hill while a bus slowly made it’s turn… obviously into his path. He didn’t put his hands on his bars until the bus jerk-stopped with him in front of it. I know you have right of way, idiot-person, but you dumb.


When my Fredsled still had the rear rack, I used to (try to) impress my girlfriend by rolling down the street with one foot on the rack, and one foot on the handlebars, BMX style.


Saw an older woman (late 50s would be my guess) on a squish fork townie with rear panniers come flying down some single track with the biggest shit eating grin on her face. It was awesome.


speaking of rad older ladies, I got smoked by a Mercedes at a 4way stop a few days ago. up on the hood- slid to the ground still clipped in, hobble to my feet. dude drives off. very nice older woman (45+) with a sick trek race hardtail in her Subaru rolls up, witnessed while thing - already called police, makes sure my bike and I are ok. first responders show up and I get the meat wagon to get checked out, lady checks out my hr and blood pressure, upon reviewing #s, “you must have a strong heart from all that cycling” emt lady happens to ride too asks me all about my ride, also asks if my bike is ok, she even insisted on going over my bike to make sure it was ok. (it was, suprisingly)

almost wish I took a ride a home from the Subaru lady #sup. would’ve saved me from the rain storm I ended up riding home in.



Glad you’re ok my dude


hope you’re not hurt
sociopaths like that make me rage


Jesus yeah glad you are okay. Does anybody ever stop when they hit a bicycle???


I’m ok. got accelerated into at a good speed but the bumper caught my driveside foot in the downstroke and I kinda just rolled on to the hood. a lil sore, barely bruised. ude was hella old, 70+ for sure. I don’t really care that he bailed tbh, was just happy to be ok and not have to partake in an altercation, was ready to just roll off and continue my ride, but Subaru lady really had the right idea.




Is Instagram embeddable?


Nominate Motorbacon, for buying an endpoint and making his commute to work a century for bike to work day


fuck putting in a work day after 100 miles


100% badass


Fuck yeah.


Awww shucks. Yes, made it through the day and still awake.

Wasn’t a planned century. Just couldn’t/didn’t want to get off the bike.