Badass rider of the day II


Yeah too bad he had to go up against Contador. I think he stopped riding well because he stopped using a good doping regimen not because of injuries.


Dude broke his sacrum

That takes a year+ off the bike

No one regaines that killer edge clean


Dude was riding the tour on a domane to try to stop his ass from hurting


This. Dude looked like the classic good responder atmo.


[quote=catdrew f]Dude broke his sacrum

That takes a year+ off the bike

No one regaines that killer edge clean[/quote]

I think he tried to, and now he’s done.



I liked the bit where he was looking down at the rear wheel and then the bicycle popped into view with the rear tire completely off the rim; that must have been when the tire finally gtfood’ed and his machine stopped sliding around like the rear end was on ice.


Has anybody here heard about this pair of bamfs riding the Trans America Trail?

Seems like the might actually make their goal of riding from NC to OR by the end of October!


that couple rode #boregon#pukeback year 1


I know them yes. They live here and their shop is cool and well regarded locally.


Fred and I met them at the first Oregon Outback. I didn’t actually get to ride with them but they were super friendly during pre-ride festivities.
Bought a SWALLOW bike jersey from them and they were super accommodating with my sizing shuffle.


I see a ton of swallow jerseys around here. I ALWAYS giggle.


Pretty sure they had a tent with hot cider at Cinci3 races. If you got there early enough, it had whiskey in it.


I rode with them on the pukeback from Sand Springs into Prineville for dinner

they’re major league ballers, Sarah is an especially strong rider


S/O to the lady on BGT, in nursing scrubs, sandals and no helmet, pedaling an old ten speed no hands while reaching behind her back to fish something out of one of her two giant shoulder bags, signaling turns with her banana-eating hand. Made my morning


Sup wife gets a kick out of seeing ladies ride no handed because you hardly ever see it.


i ride no handed all the time. unless i’m on the basket bike, because unsafe.

the other day i was riding no handed, listening to my headphones, forgot i was in public and was like singing or dancing or something and some kids saw me, but they gave me a look like i was cool, and not a total dork, so i was cool with it


I feel like a total herb when riding no handed. I enjoy it but always feel slightly guilty.